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Why is eating local so important?

Here at Fin and Farm, we witness the beauty of local food everyday. From working with independent businesses, visiting small farms in the breath-taking Sussex countryside, to directly observing the benefits of eating Sussex food, we revel in the magic of local.

But why, exactly, does eating Sussex feel so good?

Here’s five good reasons! (Of many…)

  1. It’s better for the environment.Local food is greener than buying commercial organic. Buying local is estimated to save £2.1 billion in environmental costs in the UK per year – compared to a yearly saving of £1.1 billion if all farms were organic. Pretty impressive!

    Plus, with bio-dynamic farms, 10% of agricultural land must be dedicated to promoting and preserving biodiversity. Small farms generally have the capacity to grow a greater variety of produce, as well as relying on local resources to sustain them (and hence take a greater responsibility for the world around them).

    So, not only are you helping the world, by shopping local, you make sure that Sussex continues to be a beautiful place for a country walk! Time to put those boots on…

  2. You support the Sussex economy.Supporting local farmers means that they get a better value for the food they sell compared to a supermarket. In fact, locally-produced food generates almost twice as much income for the local economy as the same amount spent in a typical supermarket. You can sleep easy knowing your food isn’t driving hard-working farms into the ground!

    Whether supporting a local farm, a family-run business or an independent restaurant, you’re support real people – not an unjust system where only a few can profit. You’ll also ensure the thriving of local culture, making your area an overall better place to live. Who wouldn’t want that?

  3. Small farms have ethical standards – and can stick to them.Our meat and dairy come from farms that care about animal, environmental and social welfare. Local food is free from supermarket pressures and abuse – ethical standards are valued and put in practice. We visit all of our farms, and have witnessed with our own eyes the care and respect our local farmers have for their animals, workers and crops.
  4. Food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious.Your veg might look a little funnier and less perfect than your regulated supermarket produce – but it’s real food! It’s very, very fresh, and picked and delivered within hours. No hanging around in plastic on supermarket shelves for days.

    You can really taste the difference. An all-local meal is an entirely different experience to a commercial one – so feed your taste-buds, body and soul with local food!

  5. You connect with the world around you.By supporting local, you’re contributing and participating in a local community. This is a direct social opposite to the isolation of consuming fast food, isolated and disconnected. This helps to preserve both local food security and local culture!

    Plus, with local food, you’ll be eating seasonally. Food is at it’s best when eaten according to seasons – the quality of your diet will be vastly improved. Plus, you’ll enjoy produce all the more when it’s season comes around. Summer was made for strawberries – and winter for hearty root vegetable stews.


By supporting local, you’re preserving the health and beauty of your home county. You’re making a difference in the world. And, you’re reaping the benefits of highly delicious, extra nutritious seasonal, local produce for you, your community and your family.

What’s not to love?

Support Sussex today and shop local. Check out our website for an abundance of incredible local produce.

What do you love the most about supporting local farms and businesses? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media! (@finandfarm)

Highlight of the week: SUSSEX CHEESE.


With 56 varieties of delicious, ethical, quality and unusual cheese, you won’t be disappointed. Take a look today!

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Your One-Stop Shop for a Sussex Christmas.

It’s time.

Christmas plans are in the making.

Tinsel is being bought, gift-wrap eyed up and menus already in test mode. With a whirlwind of fantastical Christmas ideas and recipes to play with, it’s not just time to plan…

It’s time to get excited!

But, if there’s one sure-fire way to make your Christmas meal really hold significance then…

Make it Sussex!

Local, highly ethical, real food is truly the way to honor your Christmas meal. Celebrate with the most delicious of seasonal delights and have a truly Sussex Christmas.

The best part?

All of your Sussex Christmas foods are delivered to your door.

Zero stress. Zero fuss.

At Fin and Farm, we have everything you need for a one-stop Sussex Christmas…

We’re delivering on the 19th, 21st and 23rd of December!

What’s on offer?


Christmas Turkey

Did you see our Christmas dry-hung, outdoor-reared, free-range turkey? (Bronze and white turkeys) Our turkeys are treated with the highest standard of animal welfare and prepared using traditional methods – all on the farm.

Birds are slow-grown, naturally fed and free to forage.


If you want a turkey alternative for your main, ingredients for some canapes or can’t have Xmas without a full English – we’ve got you covered. Browse our Christmas meat range!

Christmas Veg Boxesdsc_3149-2-e1511520781638.jpg


It can be stressful shopping for all the trimmings. What if you leave it late and they’ve sold out of potatoes? Or cabbage for that recipe you really wanted to try? Do you remember the queues?

Forget the stress – with our Christmas boxes, everything you need can be delivered to your door before Christmas day.


Sussex Spirits and Fine Wine

What’s Christmas without a tipple or two? Tis the season to winethumbparty – and we’ve got the ultimate party pack for your exceptional seasonal festivities. Six bottles of award-winning fine Sussex white wine will please your party guests (did you know that Sussex soil is champagne-quality…)


Wine isn’t the only Sussex drink on offer. How about some elderberry liqueur for a wintery touch to the day? We’ve got a range of Sussex spirits and liqueurs to keep you warm!


Sussex Dairy

cheesethumnFrom Sussex cheese boards to thick, cream from un-homogenised milk, we’ve got the delicious, local dairy to grace your Christmas day! And, unlike supermarkets, there’s no skimping on quality. Our cream? Really creamy.


Cheese lover? Well, ee’ve got 56 varieties of Sussex cheese. 56! What could be more delicious than digging into a local, ethical, and utterly heavenly local cheese board brimming with unusual varieties… You can shop cheeses individually according to taste, or choose our cheese board for easy entertaining…


Christmas Sauces and Sussex SweetsDSC_2862 (2)

From small-batch, beautifully made cranberry sauce (why make your own when Perfectly Preserved’s is even better?) to chocolate amaretto salted caramel (with some Xmas pud…) we’ve got sauces to serve for Christmas day. All made in Sussex with exceptional ingredients!


But, most importantly, how can you have Christmas day without chocolate to dig into? Our Sussex artisan chocolates are unique, bursting with quality and flavour – so make it extra-special and go Sussex!


You don’t need to order all at once – just place another order if you forget something and we’ll deliver them together!

Untitled design

Your One-Stop Shop for a Sussex Christmas.

Small-flock, hand-reared Christmas Turkeys


Christmas is a special time of year – and only the best should be  gracing our plates!

Our highest welfare, small flock turkeys are just that. From a small Sussex farm, our birds are reared and treated to the highest standard of welfare (we have, of course, visited the farms and can certainly attest to this).

Bronze feathered and white feathered turkeys are reared, slowly and naturally, on a balanced cereal diet rich in oats – with NO growth promoting additives. This ensures a completely natural and richly flavoured meat.

Birds are processed from start to finish on the farm – meaning that they are hand plucked, dressed and dry-hung to ensure the highest quality welfare and meat. Traditional methods are used – and have been passed down on the family farm for generations.


Available as a whole turkey, as a turkey crown (legs can be supplied separately if wished) or boned and rolled. Simply choose your style and weight!

All turkeys are supplied boxed and with giblets. Stuffed turkeys are also available.

**Note: turkeys can be supplied in larger weights than we have on our site – however, as the birds are naturally reared, we won’t know for a couple of weeks what these will be!


You can order online. Or, if you prefer, speak to Nick (07966 972 530 or email and we can send you an invoice at a later date.

Browse turkeys today!  



Small-flock, hand-reared Christmas Turkeys

What is biodynamic?


If you’re a little hazy about just what biodynamic is, you’d be forgiven. Is it organic? Something to do with the lunar cycles?

Just what?

Well, we delved into biodynamic research to bring you the answers…

What is biodynamic?

In a nutshell:

It’s a growing methodology that promotes harmony with nature, healthful crops and biodiversity.

A little more detailed: 

It’s a holistic, ethical approach to agriculture pioneered by Rudolph Steiner in the 1920s in reaction to the industrialisation of agricultural practices.

Steiner was alarmed at the increasing devastation of topsoil health with the introduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The quality of produce and livestock were affected, and the long term sustainability and benefit of intensive farming methods were called into question.

In Steiner’s philosophy, the farm is a living organism. All components must operate in a harmonious and self-sufficient manner. The name ‘Biodynamic’ comes from two Greek words: bios meaning life, and dynamos meaning energy. Makes sense, right?

How do biodynamic farms achieve this?

Through crop rotation, biodynamic composting preparations and a prohibition of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

It’s one of the most successful and sustainable forms of organic agriculture today! And – truly – it’s the polar opposite of conventional farming methods where profits are prioritised over planetary health.

Steiner was a  proponent of certain spiritual and homeopathic methods (such as following a lunar cycle and using herbal and animal preparations in composting). While this is scoffed at, for many growers, a personal connection with their land is essential. If you’ve ever tended to your own piece of land, you have an idea of just how deep a connection goes! Plus, biodynamic herbal compost preparations contain the nutrients and chemical composition needed for healthy soil for plants to thrive in.

Why is it better than conventional farming practices?

Topsoil is precious. It’s the reason we have food to eat. It’s the reason we can exist.

There is, however, a limited amount of topsoil to feed, well – everyone.

Biodynamic farms hold a powerful stance in a corporate world that prioritises agribusinesses, where intensive farming practices leave this soil depleted of essential nutrients.

Biodynamic yield will probably never feed the masses as crop yield will never match those of industrial farms. But, with the philosophy feed your neighbor (or, the Sussex community), you can do a pretty good job…

So, is it ‘organic’?

Yes! Biodynamic food is organic – plus more.

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited in biodynamic farms. And, while organic certified produce allows the use of organic imported fertilisers, biodynamic growing methods require a farm to produce its own fertility, through composting and crop rotation.

Whatsmore, 10% of a biodynamic farm acreage must be set aside for the sole purpose of biodiversity!

What do we think is the best benefit here at Fin and Farm?

The best thing? The taste and quality of produce – it’s like homegrown! Rich and healthy soil does have definite impact…

What biodynamic veg do we have right now at Fin and Farm?

Right now, we’ve got a whole array of incredible, beautiful biodynamic veg on offer!

You can find: basil, chards, bramley apples, squashes (many), kales, spinach, sorrel, potatoes, candy beetroot, jerusalem artichokes, leeks, onions and parsnips!  

What do you think? Let us know in the comments, or on twitter, facebook or instagram! (@finandfarm)

What is biodynamic?

Parsnips are in! (Organic + biodynamic) 7 incredible ways to enjoy.


Goodness, is it that time of year already?

Parsnips are here!

While they may seem to go hand-in-hand with Christmas in the British kitchen, there’re many ways to enjoy this comforting root veg. We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve to keep them as a cool-season staple – not a once-a-year show.

From breakfast (really!) to dinner, parsnip’s wonderful earthy sweetness is one you simply need in your life.


Other than their palatability – parsnips are good for you.

This root veg is positively packed with essential minerals and phytonutrients to support your body. Parsnips are anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective and immune-enhancing.

Our locally grown, organic and bio-dynamic parsnips are positively bursting with health benefits.  Definitely a reason to include in our diets!

What are parsnips exactly?

Related to carrots, celery, celeriac, dill and parsley, parsnips are a root vegetable native to Europe. Spicy and sweet in flavour, parsnips have been a staple in our diets since roman times.

In the absence of honey and cane sugar, parsnips were the sweet treat in medieval England.

How? After the first frost, when parsnips are still in the ground, the starches change to sugar. (This is why Christmas parsnips taste so good roasted and caramelised…)

Fortunately for us, these days, we associate them as a savoury food. (Did you see our Sussex chocolate post?)

What happened to our love of parsnips?

Well – potatoes! Parsnips were pushed aside with the introduction of potatoes as a central source of starch in our diets.

But, today, there’s definitely room for both on our tables…


  • Heavy, dense parsnips are the best. These are the freshest – and tastiest. Our parsnips are dug fresh from the earth and delivered straight away for maximum enjoyment.
  • Don’t peel! The skin is rich in nutrients – and flavour! Plus, our organic, bio-dynamic Sussex parsnips are pesticide-residue free. Just give ’em a good scrub!
  • Baby parsnips can be finely sliced or grated into salads. Very large parsnips can have their cores cut out before cooking for a sweeter taste.

And now for the good part…

Ways to enjoy:

1. Breakfast

Parsnips are delicious any time of day. Breakfast is no exception! Try a creamy, sweet spiced parsnip porridge (honestly, it’s exquisite).

More savoury than sweet tooth? (Or perhaps just not up for the idea of parsnip porridge…). Parsnip hash-browns are a breakfast must. Or, how about a chicken and parsnip breakfast bake to keep you going…

2. Salads

I know. It’s hardly the weather to have you craving a salad. But, keep it seasonal and cool-weather salads will be a flavoursome delight.

Autumn parsnip and chestnut salad is about as seasonal (and delicious) as you can get. This parsnip, blue cheese and hazelnut salad will have you salivating.

Parsnips will add a whole new dimension of deliciousness to your leaves!

3. Soup

Naturally creamy and comforting, you can dig in with some fresh crusty bread and cool, salted Sussex butter after a brisk walk in the cool wintery air.

Sound appetizing? Parsnip is perfect in this farmer’s market soup. Or, how about parsnip, almond and garlic soup for a creamy, flavoursome and wholesome boost.

4. Curries and stews

Spices and slow cooking truly do this humble root veg justice. Parsnip and chickpea curry will transform the way you view this root veg, while this jungle curry  is a bowl of wintery, spiced goodness.

5. Roast

Roasting caramelises this root to utter perfection. You can simply slice and cover with oil and spices for a fuss-free side. Or, take note from Jamie Oliver on the perfect way to roast.

Our suggestion? Enjoy in the ultimate comforting way: Parmesan baked parsnips. (So, so moreish…)

6. Stock

Want to create the most delicious food you’ve ever cooked in your life?

Homemade stock is the answer! You’ll wonder how a stock cube could ever compare…

There’s no limit to what you can put in. Simply slowly simmer veg, fresh herbs and seasoning of choice. Sieve the liquid from the main ingredients once cooked, and use immediately or freeze for the future.

Aromatic and sweet parsnips are the key to creating an intense stock.  Here’s a recipe for inspiration (plus how to make your own stock powder).

7. Cake

Surprising, I know. But it may just be one of the most delicious things you’ll eat. Flavoursome and dense in texture, carrots can step aside and let parsnips steal the cake show for once.

Here’s an inviting recipe for parsnip and maple syrup cake. Or how about Scandinavian spiced parsnip cake? Mmm, or zesty orange and ginger parsnip cake

Feeling inspired?

Get your Sussex parsnips today!

Did you try any of these recipes? How do you like to eat and cook parsnips? Let us know! (@finandfarm)

Image: Parsnip Cake 7 by jules/ Flickr (CC)

Parsnips are in! (Organic + biodynamic) 7 incredible ways to enjoy.

#EatSussex Tomatoes: Our Favourite Way!


So, you’ve probably heard already.

But – in case you haven’t – it’s the final week of the year to order mouth-watering Sussex tomatoes. The. Final. Week.

It may be heart-breaking to say goodbye to summer for good (it’s really real when there’re no more tomatoes to enjoy…) but we’ve got a whole load of incredible autumnal produce to dig into…

In the meantime, though, let’s go a little tomato crazy.

After all – it’s a whole year before they’re this good again. Everyone we asked said tomatoes were their favourite produce this summer – and with good reason!

So, we’re sharing out favourite tomato recipe from the #EatSussex summer. Share your favourites and spread the beauty of local tomato enjoyment… (@finandfarm)

#EatSussex Bruschetta

This recipe was recommended to me by an Italian friend. Simple, easy, delicious – it’s truly the way to enjoy good quality.

You’ll need:
A generous handful of mouth-watering Sussex tomatoes (any variety you like)
1 clove of garlic
Fresh oregano or basil
Mesto olive oil
Freshly baked bread
Curly Sussex parsley to season

Finely dice the tomatoes and place in a bowl. Crush the garlic, tear up your chosen herbs and add to the bowl. Season well and generously drizzle with Mesto olive oil.

Let the tomatoes sit and combine with the flavours for 20 minutes or so. Once combined, grill or toast your homemade bread. Top with the tomato mixture and enjoy! Garnish with parsley and little extra olive oil if desired…


How do you love to enjoy fine quality, delicious Sussex tomatoes? Let us know in the comments, on facebook, twitter or IG.

#EatSussex Tomatoes: Our Favourite Way!

3 Delicious and Wholesome Ways to Enjoy Autumn Apples (other than straight from the tree)

Want a sweet but wholesome treat? We’ve got just the thing for you!

It’s the time of year to enjoy apples. Truly – they won’t taste as good as they do now. Local, fresh, heritage and bursting with flavour, our Sussex apples are the best of the bunch.

We’ve got a plethora of varieties to choose from this season – so take your pick! Charles Ross, Lord Lambourne, Laxton Fortune... have you even heard of these before? Granny Smith can take a backseat and let Limelight steal the… well, limelight.

So don’t miss out! Here’s three scrumptious and wholesome ways to enjoy apples this October:

1. Apple-Almond Breakfast Bread

Get a healthy and thoroughly delicious Sussex start to the day with this apple-almond breakfast bread…

You’ll need:
5 Sussex apples
3 free-range Sussex eggs
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp of organic, unwaxed lemon zest
70g ground almonds
2 cups of wholemeal flour
1/4 cup Mesto olive oil
1/4 cup of Sussex raw runny honey
2 tsp baking powder
1 apple, sliced, a drizzle of honey and slivered almonds to garnish.

Preheat the oven to 180c.  Finely cop the apples and place in a food processor with eggs, spices, lemon zest, oil, sweetener, flour, almonds and baking powder. Blitz until very well combined.

Pour the mixture into a lined baking tin and even out. Place the sliced apples, slivered almonds and a drizzle of extra sweetener on top. Bake for approx. 50 minutes or until golden and a skewer comes out clean.

Enjoy for breakfast with fresh fruit, yogurt and nut butter for a wholesome start to the day!


Recipe adapted from My Lovely Little Lunch Box

2. Cinnamon Comfort Apples

This seasonal skillet apple recipe is a fabulous way to easily enjoy the tart sweetness of cooking apples, while also offering you a wholesome dessert.

 You’ll need:
1 tsp butter
2 Sussex organic bramley apples, sliced or diced.
1 tbsp raw Sussex borage honey
2 tsp cinnamon
1 pinch of organic, unwaxed lemon zest
80g of slivered roasted almonds or roasted crushed hazelnuts
Water or autumnal elderberry liqueur.
Creamy yogurt and honey to serve.

In a skillet, heat the butter, and add in the honey, zest and cinnamon. Throw in the apples (and a little water/ a splash of autumnal liqueur to help cook) and simmer until soft, stirring regularly.

When soft and fragrant, place onto beautiful serving plates. Top with a serving of toasted nuts, and generous dollop of yogurt, and a swirl of raw honey if desired!


3. The Ultimate Apple Pick-Me-Up

Whether on the go, or need an energy boost, this recipe is the ultimate and easiest way to get in that Sussex apple goodness (other than just eating an apple, that is…). Yep, a Sussex apple smoothie!

You’ll need:
1 cup of Sussex hemp milk
1-2 Sussex green Limelight apples
2-3 tbsp of creamy Sussex yogurt
2 tbsp oats
1 tsp raw Sussex honey
A pinch of cinnamon
A few ice cubes
(Sussex matcha – optional)

In a blender, combine the ingredients and pulse until smooth and creamy. Throw in 1/2 tsp of matcha for a superfood boost. Enjoy immediately for the most enjoyment!


How do you like to eat and cook your autumn apples? Let us know in the comments! Tag us in all of your Sussex apple social media posts… (@finandfarm)

Image 1: Basket of Apples by Mathias Erhart/ Flickr (CC) Image 2:  Fresh Apple Cake Slice 2 by Jessica and Lon Binder/ Flickr (CC)/ Image 3: making apple filling by yoppy/ Flickr (CC)/ Image 4: pre-Strength stills by Yum Evoke/ Flickr (CC)

3 Delicious and Wholesome Ways to Enjoy Autumn Apples (other than straight from the tree)