Our fool-proof guide to mouth-watering Xmas roast potatoes.


Dreaming of Christmas roast potatoes?

You’re not alone.

Mains can be adapted. Sides can be experimented with. But, it’s simply not Christmas dinner without roasties at the table.

And everyone has an opinion on how to get those perfect fluffy-on-the-inside, crisp-on-the-outside roasties.

So, we thought we’d throw our two cents in and share our tips for mouth-watering Xmas potatoes…

1. Choose your potatoes wisely.

While all potatoes taste nice slathered in oil and roasted, Xmas potatoes have that special quality that results in the perfect roast spud.

We recommend Inca Bella or King Edwards to achieve this dreamy Christmas perfection.

2. Cut them right!

Very uneven shapes can leave some burnt (and it’s imperative that there’s enough to go around… several times….). You want nice, thick, chunky shapes that are satisfying to bite into.

Depending on their sizes, cutting medium potatoes into quarters and smaller ones in half will do a pretty decent job.

Oh, and peel. Always peel Xmas pots for the ultimate comfort factor!

3. Parboil, parboil, parboil!

A must for Xmas potatoes is to parboil them in salted water first for about ten minutes. This will ensure that gorgeous crisp exterior and pleasantly fluffy interior that we’ve been waiting weeks for…

The secret at this stage?

When drained, shake them up in the pan to create that extra crispy, batter-like texture when roasted.

4. Heat the oil.

Use some really beautiful quality oil for an extra dimension of deliciousness.  Good food is all about quality ingredients at every step – so it’s worth the investment if you want a feast to impress!

Pour some oil into a large baking tray (or two). This is not the time of year to skimp on quantity (we have the new year for that…) – so be generous!

Heat in a hot oven until piping. Once hot, throw in the potatoes and coat well (being careful not to splash hot oil on yourself!)

5. Add some flavour!

Rosemary sprigs, some cloves of garlic and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper can go a long way in livening up this comforting side.

And of course – season well with flaky sea salt for extra bursts of flavour.

6. Pour yourself some bubbly…


The next step in to bake for at least 45 minutes. Keep an eye on them – you don’ want to burn them! And, if you want a bit of extra flavour, halfway through the cooking time add some potatoes to your meat or veggie main roasting in the oven to imbue with extra flavour.

While they’re cooking, pour yourself a glass of sparkling wine (or even a splash of wintery walnut liqueur).

You’ve earned it!

Sit back, relax, and let the aroma of mouth-watering Christmas potatoes fill the house…

These are our tips for mouth-watering Christmas roasties. But everyone has their own secrets too roast potato perfection. What’re yours? Leave a comment on this post, on social media and don’t forget to tag us in your Christmas potato creations! (@finandfarm).

You can buy Inca Bella and King Edward potatoes on our website.


Or, if you want everything in a convenient box, we do regular and super Christmas veg boxes.

All to be delivered to your door in time for Christmas on the 19th, 21st and 23rd of December. Order before the 18th!

Image 1: Christmas Cooking by Stewart Black/Flickr (CC)

Our fool-proof guide to mouth-watering Xmas roast potatoes.

The Ultimate Sussex Spirit


Are you looking for a heady, delicious, warming Christmas spirit? In search of a mouth-watering, unusual Xmas gift, perhaps?


This Christmas, at Fin and Farm, we have just the thing for you!

Limited edition Sussex walnut liqueur.

Why is it limited edition?

This liqueur is small-batch made – not industrial! There simply won’t be any more of this aromatic Sussex spirit until next winter.

So – get it while it’s here!

What makes it so special?

It’s small-batch made in the beauty of the Sussex downs, using young walnuts, spices and pure vodka. But with an ABV of 17%, you won’t feel knocked out after dinner. Perfect!

Giving this as a gift? Great! You won’t find this beauty in the supermarket, so 10/10 for original and thoughtful gift giving…

Best ways to enjoy?

You’ll want to try this spirit straight to appreciate the unique walnut aroma. But, there are a million ways to enjoy this amber-hued spirit…

  • Pair with creamy blue cheese like Brighton Blue or Molecomb Blue for a savoury accompaniment at the festive table.
  • Sweet tooth? Pour over ice cream or douse some Xmas pud for a more indulgent treat.
  • Celebrating with cocktails? Instead of Amaretto or Frangelico, or to give an Old Fashioned a twist, use walnut liqueur.
  • Need an after-dinner digestif? Splash into coffee for an amped up espresso…


Get yours HERE.

The Ultimate Sussex Spirit

3 brilliant and unusual Sussex beers to gift this Xmas

Are you ready yet?

It’s only a matter of weeks until the big (festive) day.

And – let’s face it – some people can be pretty hard to buy for. (You know who I’m talking about…)

But – fortunately – food and drink are always well-received. For some people in particular, beer never fails.

This Christmas, if you’re going to buy beer as a present, don’t just go for the usual.

Here in Sussex, we’re home to some of the most passionate, ridiculously skilled, pioneering artisans in the UK.

In other words – Sussex beer is an absolute TREAT.

So give something that’s beautifully made, out of the ordinary, and downright delicious this Xmas…

What do we recommend?

1. Dark Star Espresso Beer

Not a gimmick – or like anything you’ve tasted before. This aromatic, surprisingly-not-sweet, espresso beer is the not-your-average-brew you’ve been searching for.

Brewed by Dark Star Brewery (beer aficionado friends started this company in the Evening Star pub in Brighton in the mid nineties!), this beer is expertly crafted with roasted barley malt, challenger hops, and infused with freshly ground aribica beans.

You’ll be getting a rich, black beer with a delicious complementary coffee aroma. And, as the bronze winner of the Campaign for Real Ale Champion Beer of Britain (London and South East Area), you know you’re getting something good.

So why is this such a great gift?

There’s nothing quite like it! Think beautiful, award-winning craft beer stepped up a level with quality, fresh coffee beans for a not-your-everyday brew.

Ideas for enjoyment?

Enjoy with pork, aged semi-hard cheeses or vanilla ice-cream… This dark, heady and aromatic beer is certainly versatile!


2. Creme Brûlée  Beer

An alcoholic dessert in a glass, with all the frothy darkness of beer and sweet caramel goodness of creme brûlée …

Brewed with unfermentable lactose sugar, fresh vanilla beans and plenty of roasted malts to provide a sweet, smooth caramel concoction.

Whether your giftee is a sweet tooth, an adventurous soul, or simply appreciates a good craft beer, this creme brûlée brew will satisfy.

Why does it make such a great gift?

You won’t find this anywhere else! And, after all, the perfect gift is a blend of practical (a good beer to kick back with) and frivolous (creme brûlée!). This beer ticks both those boxes…

Ideas for enjoyment?

Use as a float for vanilla bean ice cream, or pair with flambeed bananas and smooth custard…

3. Dark Star Revelation

This wonderful, hoppy APA provides a quality – yet less ‘out there’ – brew to complement the more unusual beers. With citrus-y notes and a brilliant golden hue, Revelation is an all-round pleaser.

A blend of Warrior, Cascade, Columbus, Crystal and Chinook hops by the sack full, this brew is then dry hopped during conditioning using the Dark Star ‘Hoptimizer’ (industrial sized hookah) to imbue a unique taste.

Why does it make such a great gift?

It won’t fail to delight. Tasty, refreshing and relaxing – just the thing to unwind with over the holiday season. But, unusual enough that you won’t find it in conventional shops!

Idea for enjoyment?

Pair with meat, medium bodied cheese or a tart, fruity dessert.


Want to search more Sussex craft beers? Check out our entire Sussex range HERE.

3 brilliant and unusual Sussex beers to gift this Xmas

Looking for the perfect gift?

Looking for something special to give this year?

Don’t want to give ‘the usual’ but have that hard to buy for friend/ partner/ family member/ coworker?

Food and drink are always well received. A little prying into their tastes and you can find the perfect thing for them!

But – don’t go generic. Choose food and drink you won’t find anywhere else!

With our range of Sussex-made beers, chocolates, spirits, sweets and wines, you can support the production of interesting, unusual, delicious local goods by producers who really care

Need ideas?

We’ve got:

Sussex beers


Go for beer with character. Brewed in fabulous and passionate local breweries by pioneering local artisans (and these guys really, really know their stuff to bring you brews you won’t find in the supermarket…), you can’t go wrong with a glass of Sussex-brewed beer!

And if you want something that’s much, much more unusual for the adventurous person in your life, our unbelievably good coffee beer collection is just the thing…


Sussex fine wines


Some of the best wine we’ve ever tasted has been grown in Sussex soil. And why? Because it’s champagne quality! Give the gift of truly exceptional British wine…


Sussex liqueurs


Mmm, a heady glass of walnut or elderberry liqueur is the thing to warm you up this winter. So, for someone who loves a slightly more unusual drink, gift them a bottle of small-batch brewed local spirits…


Artisan Sussex chocolate


This one’s a no-brainer. I mean, can you imagine not having any chocolate for Christmas? And while there’s usually a box or two open for the family, everyone loves receiving some that’s just for them. So how about some gold sprinkled mint chocolate, or some hand crafted truffles, or candied chocolate covered oranges slices, or….


*** Local Christmas deliveries Tuesday 19th, Thurs 21st and Saturday 23rd – or you can order your gifts to be delivered before these dates! 

Looking for the perfect gift?

A little extra flavour…


Looking to make your Xmas food a little more special?

Christmas food is delicious. Of course!

We await Christmas lunch every year with rumbling stomachs and eager taste buds….

But, roast turkey and Xmas veg alone don’t make a Christmas meal. The last thing you want on Christmas day is to sit down to bland, flavourless food.

So – give your dinner a flavour boost, and serve up mouth-watering Sussex accompaniments!

Whether cranberry sauce for a zesty sweet-tart dimension for your (ethical, Sussex) turkey, some heavenly amaretto chocolate salted caramel to indulge your Xmas pud or seasonal Sussex chutney to go with your Christmas cheese, accompaniments turn your Christmas meal into the thing you’ve been dreaming of…

These are small-batch made, highest quality ingredients, richly flavoured and zero junk! (Aka, from a different planet to a supermarket shelf…)

Stomach growling? How about:

Chocolate Amaretto Salted Caramel

DSC_2862 (2)

If the name alone doesn’t sell this jar of goodness, we don’t know what will! Tried and tested – perfect with croissant (for an Xmas day breakfast, perhaps!). Or how about replacing brandy butter for your Xmas pud?

Christmas Chutney


Spicy, seasonal, sweet-sharp, this Christmas chutney is everything you want to compliment your Christmas (Sussex) cheese!

Cranberry Sauce 


Packed with cranberries and infused with orange, orange zest and wintery spices, Perfectly Preserved’s sauce will be an absolutely hit at the dinner table. (And no fuss on your behalf!)

Image 1: Christmas Feast by Cat Burston/Flickr (CC)

A little extra flavour…

56 varieties of LOCAL cheese


Oh my goodness.

Really. It’s true.

We have 56 varieties of local, ethical, Sussex cheese.

Fifty. Six. 

And this is no run of the mill supermarket selection. We have a wide range of cheeses, from the most loved varieties to ones you’ve probably never even heard of.

(Burwash Rose anyone? A flavoursome semi-soft cheese made from raw milk, inspired by those made in ancient British monasteries… How romantic!)

Unlike commercial dairies, our Sussex farms fuse local and traditional methods, keeping heritage varieties and traditions alive while utilising contemporary cheese making practices.

Plus, they prioritise animal welfare! The Traditional Dairy, for instance, are adamant about treating their cattle as sentient beings – not commodities. Animal welfare results in a superior end product – see for yourself!

At Fin and Farm, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But, isn’t local cheese more expensive?

Well, yes. But for a good reason. Local dairy is on a small scale. Extra cost comes from a greater care taken for both the environment and animal welfare, as well as a fair price paid to the farmers to allow for the continuation of local, small-scale and quality cheese. You’re paying for a superior product – one that results in more all round enjoyment.

Sound good?

Check out our range of delicious Sussex cheese HERE.

Or, how about a Sussex cheese board this Christmas?

With three of our best sellers, you and your guests won’t be disappointed! Serve up something really special this festive season…

dsc_3027.jpg                                    Three Sussex Cheese Board Pack. SHOP HERE. 

Image 1: Cheese! by Luke Andrews/Flickr (CC)

56 varieties of LOCAL cheese

White or Bronze? TURKEY GUIDE


By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of our dry-hung, outdoor reared, free-range Sussex turkeys from a highest welfare, family-run Sussex farm…

But, which turkey should you go for? White or bronze?

What exactly is the difference?

Well, read on!

Bronze turkeys:

Bronze turkeys are the original Turkey. They’re slower to grow that white. This means that they’re smaller and ‘gamier’ in taste and texture (that is, they generally have smaller breast meat with 50:50 white-dark meat ratio and more intense flavour).

If you want to serve something really special this Christmas, then bronze is the bird for you!


White turkeys: 

Our white turkeys are still exceptional quality – but from a modern breed. With a more subtle flavour (that’s still delicious) and greater quantity of breast meat, this turkey is generally an all-round table pleaser to all variety of guests.



White or bronze, because our turkeys are free-range, outdoors reared, slow grown and fed only a natural diet, they will always be a world away from commercial meat.

Serve the best quality, most ethical, local meat you can this Christmas and choose Sussex!

Try for yourself: BROWSE TURKEYS HERE. 

**Reserve your Turkey for £10 and pay later, or buy today. You don’t need to purchase all of your Sussex Christmas food at once – we’ll collate your order to deliver on the same day – so shop as is convenient for you.

Image 1: ‘The Turkey Boss’ by Predi/Flickr (CC). 

White or Bronze? TURKEY GUIDE