Pancake day is almost here! Try these mouth-watering Sussex topping ideas…


Shrove Tuesday is upon us! Have you got your ingredients ready for this once-a-year feast?

What is Shrove Tuesday?

Shrove Tuesday (aka ‘Fat Tuesday’) is traditionally the day of using up rich foods before 40 days of fasting for Lent on Ash Wednesday.

And how do people celebrate?

Pancakes, of course! These are the perfect way to use up ingredients such as eggs, milk and butter before fasting – hence Pancake Day arose as a delicious way to celebrate before the lean 40 days of Lent.

Whatsmore, the ingredients for pancakes are said to symbolise four points of significance at this time of year: eggs for creation, flour for life, salt for wholesomeness and milk for purity.

And while the notion of Pancake Day is relatively young, recipes for pancakes have been around since the 1400s. (And pancake tossing isn’t anything new either: “And every man and maide doe take their turne, And tosse their Pancakes up for feare they burne.” (Pasquil’s Palin, 1619). Are you pancake tossing skills up for it this year?).

The fundamentals of creating mouth-watering pancakes…

You need four basic ingredients to make traditional pancakes – flour, milk, eggs and salt. And if you want really, really good pancakes, use the best (i.e Sussex!) ingredients…

Basic Pancake Recipe:


120g plain flour
2 Sussex highest-welfare eggs
210ml of richly flavoured, non-homogenised Sussex milk
90ml water
Traditionally made Sussex butter (to fry)


Mix the flour and salt together, and form a well. Crack in the eggs and mix well. In a separate container, combine the milk and water. Gradually stir into the flour/egg mixture until you achieve a creamy batter consistency. Let the mixture stand for 20-30 minutes.

When ready, heat a large frying pan and melt in a generous dab of butter, spreading to coat the entire pan. When hot, pour in some pancake mixture to cover the base evenly. Cook for a minute or less (depending on how hot your pan is!) and flip to brown the other side.

Serve and enjoy immediately, or continue cooking to enjoy a stack of delicious pancakes!

Topping ideas:

* The simplest topping may be lemon and sugar (this beautiful combination is a classic for a good reason – it’s divine!). Use unwaxed, organic lemons for a heavenly lemon aroma by grating a small amount of peel onto your pancakes or into your batter.

* Nutella/chocolate spread is a favourite for pancake toppings. But, step up the chocolate game by melting heavenly dark chocolate onto your pancakes for the ultimate sophisticated pancake treat.

* Maple or golden syrup is an utterly delicious and simple pancake topping but…

* …Sussex salted caramel is even better! (And, if you’re feeling indulgent, Sussex chocolate and amaretto salted caramel)

* A scoop of vanilla ice-cream (have you seen Caroline’s Dairy for out-of-this-world Sussex ice cream?) and stewed berries may be just the thing. Delicious!

* Or, looking for something a little healthier? Bio-live, ultra-creamy Sussex yogurt, raw Sussex honey and fruit go perfectly.

* Sweets not your thing? Go savoury! Bacon, eggs, sauteed mushrooms and greens and crumbled Sussex cheese make for perfect savoury pancakes…


Whatever your topping, why not adorn your pancakes with some Sussex flowers! Don’t forget to tag us in your gorgeous pancake creations! (@FinandFarm)

What are your favourite pancake toppings? Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know!

Image 1: 20080502_368_DSC_1463 by Adrian and Debra/ FLICKR (CC)
Image 2: IMG_5111 by snow/ FLICKR (CC)

Pancake day is almost here! Try these mouth-watering Sussex topping ideas…

Sussex Edible Winter Flowers


Looking for a food to banish the winter blues, pack an anti-oxidant punch and that will transform every meal into a jaw-dropping work of art?

Don’t let a grey and drizzly February fool you – #eatingSussex can still bring excitement to your plate…


With Sussex-grown edible winter flowers!

Grace your plates with delicate, bright and colourful winter blooms for a novel, healthy and stunning twist to your meals…

What edible winter flowers do we have to offer at Fin and Farm?

Edible pansies and primroses, sold per 10 in a variety of wonderful mixed colours. These beauties are grown by Becky and Trevor at their glasshouses in Sidlesham, Sussex (near Chichester), where they’ve grown vegetables for over forty years.

So what do pansies and primroses taste like?

Well, pansies – with their intense purple, blue and yellow tones – have a slightly sweet and ‘green’ taste. All parts of a pansy can be eaten – nothing is too bitter for the palate. Charming yellow primroses, on the other hand, are more ‘peppery’ in flavour.

Why are they so good?

While a bouquet of flowers can increase happiness and reinforce positive social relations (just from being in proximity to their bloom), eating them is even better!

With their uplifting, bright colours, edible flowers don’t just bring a smile to your face. They’re a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, and are a brimming with phytonutrients to keep you healthy and happy in the grey of winter.

How can you use them?

The practice of cooking with flowers dates back thousands of years. From medicinal uses to beauty and flavour in foods, edible flowers have been cultivated and enjoyed across time and place.

Blooms can be enjoyed in any number of mains, salads, drinks, sweets, cakes – you name it! – to instantly transform your food into a vision of beauty.

(Did you see the amazing late summer flower salad we had over at Fork and Dig It? Our jaws dropped when this was brought out!)

Why not:

  • Use blossoms scattered in place of mature herbs in cooking.
  • Liberally sprinkle flowers over a salad (and then take a pic for your social media…).
  • Freeze blossoms in ice cubes for ultra-gorgeous drinks.
  • Crystalise flowers for the ultimate sweet treat or cook flowers and sugar to make a floral syrup. (There’s a recipe for primrose honey here)
  • Garnish literally anything. Soups, mains, salads, sweets, drinks, baking – flowers are the ultimate cheat for culinary beauty.
  • Use flowers in baking! Snip up blooms into dough (you’ll never see a prettier or more naturally colourful dough. An old boss of mine used to do this when we made scones at a cafe), or why not try this recipe for pansy shortbread.

Don’t forget to wash flowers delicately before use. If flowers need perking up, simply rest face up in cold water for 20 minutes or so before use.

What makes our edible flowers so special?

Fresh, environmentally friendly and locally grown, our flowers aren’t just a are find. They’re good for the planet, your health and your soul!

How do you like to use edible flowers? Have any recipes or pictures you’d like to share? Tag us in social media (@finandfarm).

Sussex Edible Winter Flowers

Transform your baking with Sussex spirits! (Sussex lemon-vodka cake recipe)


Looking to take your baking up a notch?

Want your friends and family to be awed by the flavour and heavenly texture of your baking?

There’s a simple trick – reach for the Sussex spirits!

Don’t just reserve them for cocktails, or you’ll be missing out on a world of spirits enjoyment.

How do spirits enhance baking?

If rich, moist and flavoursome desserts are what you desire, then a splash of something special will add that je ne sais qoui to your baking. Your friends will be clamoring for the recipe…

Whether a strong, aromatic spirit (such as walnut liqueur) or a simple Sussex gin, you’ll get a nice, boozy quality to complement your cakes, brownies and bakes. And, even if using a ‘neutral’ spirit such as our Sussex vodka, alcohol reacts with other flavour elements to truly enhance taste.

Whats more, if you’re perfecting a pastry crust – add vodka! For a buttery, flaky crust that is positively dreamy, swapping vodka for water will inhibit gluten formation (while allowing the dough to combine) for the ultimate baking hack.

Why choose Sussex spirits?

Quality matters! A bottle of the good stuff can go a long way and result in a superior end product. Low end spirits can be bitter and artificially flavoured – don’t risk your cake!

Plus, you’re supporting local business, making your desserts that much sweeter!

How to use:

You can add a splash of your favourite liquor into batter to imbue with flavour and create a denser, moisture texture.

Seeking a stronger kick? Pour alcohol over baking, soak a sponge cake layer or add to a glaze/creamy frosting. You’ll taste the difference – that’s for sure!

And don’t forget the final way to use spirits: pour yourself a glass while your dessert cooks – you’ve earned it…

Sussex Vodka Cake 

Want to cook something sweet with a Sussex spirit? Great! We’ve got a fabulous lemony-vodka cake recipe to show you just how delicious baking with spirits can be…

You’ll need:

For the cake
170g of Sussex butter
300 of fine sugar
250g flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp powdered vanilla
A pinch of salt
6 highest welfare Sussex eggs
1 organic, unwaxed lemon, peel grated. (reserve 1 tsp for the glaze)
400g creamy bio-live Sussex yogurt 
1/3 cup of Sussex Silver Birch vodka (*SALE*)

For the glaze
1/4 cup of Sussex Silver Birch vodka
220g fine sugar
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tsp lemon peel

Preheat the oven to 180c. Combine the butter, sugar, eggs and lemon in a bowl until smooth and fluffy. Gently add in the yogurt and vodka.

In a separate bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, salt and vanilla. Add to the wet mixture and mix to form a smooth batter.  Pour the batter into your desired baking tray and cook for approximately 30 minutes.

For the glaze, mix the sugar, vodka and lemon in a pan on a low heat for a few minutes to form a syrup. When the cake base has cooled, gently press a fork into the surface to create indentations. Pour the glaze over to imbue with sweet lemony-vodka goodness.

**Fancy baking with alcohol? Check out our January sale – while stocks last!**

Now reduced – Sussex Silver Birch Vodka

Blackdown Silver Birch Vodka 37.5% ABV 70cl

A pure, smooth and refined vodka brewed in the stunning beauty of the South Downs National Park. With a hint of spring Sussex silver birch for delicate sweetness and aroma.


Recipe inspired by Just A Pinch/ Lemon Vodka Cake 
Image 1: Lemon drizzle cake by sarahluv/ FLICKR (CC)

Transform your baking with Sussex spirits! (Sussex lemon-vodka cake recipe)

What makes Sussex hemp SO special?


Hemp: the superfood on everyone’s lips! No longer raising eyebrows, it’s the sought-after ingredient in trendy Brighton cafes and mouth-watering healthy recipes.

Whole seeds, hemp powder and hemp oil – there’s plenty of ways to enjoy this plant. From hemp mylk, #eatsussex hemp and rosemary bread and hemp houmous, we’ve shared some over our favourite recipes over the seasons.

(Although, why not try hemp in your breakfast, in a smoothie, on a soup or hemp oil drizzled over a salad? Tastes divine – and so easy!)

What, exactly, makes this plant so special?

This seed is a true superhero in every sense – from saving the environment to saving our hearts.

With our organic, locally grown hemp, you can buy the most nutritious and most environmentally friendly hemp you could possibly get!

The Sustainable Wonder Crop

Grown using organic methods that respect the local ecology, our Sussex hemp grows chemical-free in the gorgeous South Downs National Park, West Sussex.

But – it’s not just the wonderful ethics of Vitality Hemp that make this product so amazing. Deemed the ‘Sustainable Wonder Crop‘, hemp is the future for a healthy, happy planet.

A versatile crop that can produce food – as well as raw materials for sustainable, ethical cotton, plastic and fuel alternative – hemp grows easily and abundantly even in our cold and rainy climate.

Plus, this wonder-crop is naturally resistant to disease and improves, rather than depletes, the quality of the soil in grows in. Whats-more (yes, there is more!), this plant actually helps to clean up soil pollution, making our world a better place to live in (whoa!).

Nutritional powerhouse

Packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids, hemp helps reduce inflammation in the body, boosting heart health and brain health. Packed with essential phytonutrients, such as zinc, phosphorus and iron, hemp supports your body from inside and out – meaning strong bones, healthy immune system and a glowing complexion!

Plus, with all the essential amino acids, this seed is a wonderful source of plant-based protein to keep you full and complement  New Year fitness goals.

What Sussex-grown hemp products do we offer?

Hemp seeds, unhulled.

Hemp Seeds, Local (250g)

Perfect to whip up some hemp mylk with, sprinkle on cereal, throw into smoothies, make healthy desserts or garnish soups, stews and salads!

Hemp protein powder

Hemp Protein Powder, Sussex (250g)

The most sustainable (and delicious) plant-based protein, supplement your diet with this omega and amino-acid packed superfood! Add to oatmeal, smoothies, baking, desserts and any recipe you’d use conventional protein powder.

Hemp oil

Hemp Oil, Cold Pressed, Sussex (250ml)

Cold-pressed to preserve the essential fatty acids, this hemp oil will divinely transform your meals. With a delicate, nutty taste and gorgeous hue, invest in your health with this delicious oil!


What makes Sussex hemp SO special?

Healthy Chocolate Beetroot Brownies!


(gluten-free, refined-sugar free)

January may be all about getting healthy. But, there’s no need to go the whole month without a little indulgence…

So, don’t throw away your resolutions just because you wanted a bite of something chocolatey… Simply whip up a batch of these healthy, delicious and seasonal brownies!

With this wholesome recipe, you can have your cake and eat it too: Using seasonal beetroots, raw Sussex honey and local, highest welfare organic eggs, a healthy dessert never tasted so sweet…

Gooey, chocolatey and everything you could dream about in a dessert, these chocolate brownies are good for the soul – as well as the body!

Mouth watering already?

Great – let’s get cooking!


You’ll need:
500g cooked beetroot
3 organic, high welfare Sussex eggs
1/2 cup of raw Sussex honey
100g cacao powder
1 tsp baking powder
100ml coconut oil or Sussex butter (melted)
1/2 cup of ground almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts
1-2 tsp vanilla powder

Preheat the oven too 180c. Peel the cooked beetroot and blitz in a food processor with the egg, coconut oil and honey. Once smooth, add the almonds, cacao powder, baking powder and vanilla and combine well.

Pour into a baking tin and bake for approx. 30 minutes. Allow to cool, and enjoy curled up by the fire with a cook book and good company!

*Why not try using incredible biodynamic Sussex candy beetroot for even more sweetness and beauty in this dessert? Let us know if you try this dessert or you have any wholesome recipes to share with us this January! @finandfarm 

Recipe inspired by:
Image 1: Taste at the Yelp Exchange by Yelp Inc/ FLICKR (CC)

Healthy Chocolate Beetroot Brownies!

Kickstart your January with this healthy and hearty detox stew!


Want a healthy, radiant glow, despite the grey and rainy January air and post-festivities blow-out?

No problem!

A glowing complexion and abundant energy is your for the taking – all you need is quality, fresh produce and delicious recipes that’ll have you positively anticipating your next healthy meal.

We’ve got an abundance of locally grown and biodynamic produce – as well as the recipe inspiration – to get you off to the best possible start to 2018.

So delve into our produce selection HERE for ridiculously good fruit and veg.

Need a little inspiration for what to do with all this winter goodness?

Try this healthy and hearty stew, bursting with flavour and nutrients! 

Healthy eating has never been so delicious…

Winter Detox Stew Recipe

You’ll need:

A dash of olive oil
1 medium onion, diced
3 cloves of garlic, crushed
4 carrots, sliced into rounds
250g waxy salad potatoes, quartered
3 sticks of celery, sliced
1 leek, halved and slices
2 generous handfuls of of kale, sliced
1 handful of fresh thyme, stalked removed
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp ground pepper
1 tbsp white miso paste
1 can of white beans


In a large pan, saute the onions, celery, carrots and garlic until they start to soften. Add in the leek, potatoes, cumin, black pepper and a generous handful of fresh time. Combine well and cover with water. Simmer for approximately 20 minutes to allow the potatoes and veg to cook.

Once the potatoes are tender, add your kale, white beans and miso paste. Stir well and continue to simmer until the kale has softened.

Serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon and sprinkling of fresh parsley for a detoxifying boost!

Enjoy this stew as the perfect, warming, healthy weekday dinner to detox and give you a nutrient boost. Watch your complexion glow and you head into 2018 on the right path!

Let us know in the comments what you thought of this recipe! Don’t forget to share on social media if you liked this recipe and want more healthy January cooking inspiration (@finandfarm).

Kickstart your January with this healthy and hearty detox stew!

Brussels sprouts tips and tempting winter recipes!


December is in full swing. And that means a positive abundance of sprouts to enjoy!

Don’t just save them for Xmas day. Nutritious, hearty and flavoursome, sprouts are the perfect seasonal food to play with.

Let our tips and tempting recipes inspire you to enjoy this humble winter veg…

Did you know?

When choosing, opt for stalks! They’re not just for show – sprouts will actually stay fresher, plumper and more flavoursome for longer. You’ll really taste the difference!

Buying off the stalk? No problem!

Choose bright, firm and heavy sprouts – this indicates freshness and quality. (But our off-the-stalk sprouts are picked and delivered within a matter of hours – so this is always guaranteed!)

When it comes to flavour nuances? The smaller the sprout, the sweeter. Larger sprouts have a much more cabbage-like taste.

But – regardless of size – winter sprouts are the best! While available from early autumn, sprouts develop a sweeter flavour after the first frost. (And judging by this December, our Xmas sprouts are going to be positively delicious…)

3 Tempting Ways to Enjoy Sprouts This December

1.  Nourishing Pomegranate-Sprouts Salad


Yes, you can – and positively must – eat sprouts raw for a delicate, fresh winter salad.

With an intensely flavoursome orange-tahini sauce, this salad is positively bursting with texture, flavour and wholesome winter goodness to keep those colds at bay!


For the salad:
1 bowlful of finely shredded washed and prepped brussels sprouts.
1 pomegranate, arils removed.

For the sauce:
1/2 cup of tahini
1 tbsp white miso
1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
1/2 tbsp raw Sussex honey
1 orange, juiced
1 clove of garlic 
1 splash of Sussex cider vinegar
Splash water if needed

Parlsey to serve


Prep your pomegranate and brussels and combine in a salad bowl.

In a blender, place the sauce ingredients and blitz, adding water if necessary to create a thinner consistency (but not too thin and this will dilute flavour!)

Once blended, combine the two and serve with fresh parsley to garnish.

2. Comforting Creamy Brussels Gratin


This is just the recipe to enjoy after a blustering Sussex day in the ice and sleet.

Hearty winter veg and intensely flavoursome Sussex blue cheese make this the ultimate winter comfort dish.


You’ll need:
500g Sussex waxy potatoes, cubed to sprout size
500g brussels sprouts, prepped and halved
200g Sussex blue cheese 
150ml Sussex double cream
200ml Sussex creamy milk
50g ground almonds
1/2 tbsp ground black pepper
A few springs of fresh thyme, stems removed
1 small clove crushed garlic


Parboil the potatoes for 6 minutes, throwing the sprouts in at the last minute to blanch.

Meanwhile, combine the cream, milk, almonds, seasonings and blue cheese (crumbled). Drain the potatoes and brussels and spread in a wide ovenproof dish. Cover with the sauce and combine evenly.

Bake for 30-40 minutes in the oven at 180c.

Once cooked to crisp, creamy perfection, serve and enjoy!

3.  Warming Winter Stew


Mmm, the perfect hearty winter dish to feed friends and family, accompanied by Sussex wine, fresh crusty bread and creamy Sussex  butter.

So, light the fire, set the table – and get cooking!

You’ll need:

1 large red onion, diced
300g Sussex bacon
3 carrots, sliced into rounds
3 stalks of celery, sliced
500g brussels sprouts, prepped and quartered
3 cloves of garlic, crushed
A generous handful of fresh thyme, stems removed
A pinch of saffron
1/2 tbspn black pepper
1/2 tbspn cumin
2 bay leaves
2-3 cups fresh stock
1-2 cans of white beans, drained
A generous splash of Mesto olive oil


Cook the bacon until crispy, for at least 10 minutes. Set aside. Once cooled, slice ready to add to the stew.

In a large pan, heat the oil and sautee the onion, garlic and spices until the onion starts to soften. Add in the carrots and celery and continue to cook to tenderise the veg.

Add the brussels, bay leaf and stock and simmer until the brussels are tender (but not overcooked) and flavours well-combined.

Finally, add the beans and bacon. Serve garnished with parsley and enjoy with good company!

Feeling inspired?

Get your Brussels HERE. Or, shop for Christmas food now for local delivery 19th, 21st and 23rd December!

Image 1: Brussels sprouts by Niall Kennedy/Flickr (CC) 
Image 2: Kale and brussels sprouts salad by Meg Schwartz/ Flickr (CC)
Image 3: Blue cheese by Susie Wyshak/Flickr (CC)
Image 4: Fresh thyme by Cookbookman17/ Flickr (CC)

Brussels sprouts tips and tempting winter recipes!