Mixed Berry Yoghurt Bowl

Image courtesy @CHECKOUTMYFOODIE  https://www.instagram.com/p/BGMLNHOFTbx/

These are quick and easy recipes, for those always on the go, looking for a healthy lifestyle and to reduce your carbon footprint.

A favourite to all breakfast lovers, containing vital vitamins C and fibre. This healthy breakfast containing crunchy clusters has antioxidants and sweet unrefined sugar.

The recipe is so simple that you can change it to however you like. You could even make the recipe vegan friendly by using lacto-free yoghurt.

All you need is a selection of seasonal berries, a banana, Northiam Yoghurt and granola. Northiam Yoghurt comes in various flavours, so if you fancy a bit of a change in taste you can always try the ‘Fruits of the Forest’ with your healthy breakfast.

If you are not a fan of berries you could add some Sussex Apples into your breakfast with a dash of cinnamon on top of  your yoghurt.

Another great speedy recipe for breakfast is the Chia Peanut Butter Yoghurt bowl. It’s the ultimate protein-packed breakfast for those who work in fitness or do sports.

The recipe is straightforward, all you need is some delicious toppings that will add a crunch to your meal. Add pumpkin seeds and chia to the top of your yoghurt and some peanut butter to the side of it for your ultimate protein-packed breakfast.

Not a fan of pumpkin seeds and chia? Try some blueberries and banana to add some fibre and potassium to your diet.

Image courtesy   @JAZZY_FITMOM

You can find the recipe on: https://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/meal-ideas/10-protein-packed-yogurt-bowls-will-jump-start-your-morning

Mixed Berry Yoghurt Bowl

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