Blog: A day out at the farms!

We had a wonderful sunny day visiting Nutbourne Nursery and Rock Farm with nutritional blogger Zoe Delicata to talk about the power and beauty of local food…

The gates of Rock Farm lead to a world of deliciousness!

First stop – the tomato jungles of Nutbourne Nursery!  

Did you know, in order to keep Sussex’s favourite tomatoes pesticide-free and ridiculously flavoursome (last summer, in our #EatSussex interviews, these were consistently declared the most loved Sussex veg. See V and H’s delicious Nutbourne tomatoes recipe here), Nutbourne meticulously cleans their glasshouse windows every year. This isn’t just your usual spring clean – this is serious tomato-perfecting business!

Perfectly cleaned glasshouse windows for the most delicious tomatoes you can get your hands on!

What’s more? These glasshouses are also home to pollinating bees – the most essential worker in our food system. Without these workers, a huge proportion of food simply wouldn’t grow. These glasshouses are doing a fine job of keeping our bodies healthy, taste-buds satisfied and environment healthy!

From sweet, small cherry tomatoes to hearty marmande beef tomatoes to stunning cocktail tigers, you don’t need to source from far away to cater to diverse and exotic tastes. Out favourite? Cocktail tigers. Green, sweet, tart, this tomato is adds an instant element of culinary beauty to your foods – an easy and delicious win.

Nutbourne Nursery has the art of growing healthy, delicious tomatoes well and truly mastered. And it’s no surprise – after 40 years of growing, tomato perfection is pretty much guaranteed!

It’s always summer in the green houses! These pesticide-free, bee pollinated tomatoes are positively bites of summer goodness…
Glasshouses home to pollinating bees – ensuring us (delicious) food security. 

Next stop – our favourite: Rock Farm.

This market garden and therapeutic garden in one both enjoys experimenting with unusual local grows (Sussex sweet potatoes anyone?) and helps vulnerable community members gain confidence and life skills. Rock Farm is paving the way in Sussex for community care, providing us with incredible, nutritious and delicious organic produce and giving back on a social level. ‘How it should be‘ is certainly fast becoming the Sussex motto…

Rows of berry bushes soaking in the Sussex sun…

Garden manager Rachel enlightened us as to the many wonderful delights growing (from berries, herbs, golden beetroots, unusual potatoes, salads, tomatoes, sea buckthorn – and more!) and what’s planned for this wonderful plot, as well as sharing some brilliant stories about volunteers changing their lives for the better.

Did you see their mustard flower salad mix? Stunning – and delicious!

Rachel shows us the beautiful and sweet golden beetroot growing in the poly tunnels… 

Is there a particular food from us that you enjoy and want to find out more about where it’s from? Let us know! We’re eager to share the wonderful farms and work of our ethical and enthusiastic growers here in Sussex…

Shop Sussex tomatoes here and keep an eye out for summer salad from Rock Farm, coming very soon… 

Happy eating!

Blog: A day out at the farms!

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