Cultured butter – what is it and why is it so good?


Cultured butter – what is it?

You may have seen some of our Instagram posts raving about this particular Sussex dairy. Cultured butter is a distinctive butter – unlike any you can easily buy.

Richly flavoured and tang reminiscent of creme fraiche, this melt-in-the-mouth dairy is created by adding live bacteria to butter before churning. Regular butter, also known as ‘sweet butter’, is simply churned fresh cream.

Why is it so good?

Adding cultures to butter creates a wonderfully different butter to the one you’ve grown accustomed to. How exactly?

Adding cultures:

  • Gives it a tangier taste.
  • Gives it a higher fat percentage, making it smoother, silkier and richer in flavour.
  • Makes it more healthful and digestible through the light fermentation process.
  • Adds an acidity that is perfect for baking.

Once upon a time, cultured butter was the norm. Culturing – or souring – dairy was a natural process for before contemporary refrigeration and ensured that it lasted longer. When pasteurization came into practice, natural cultures were killed off, and ‘sweet butter’ (uncultured) became the household standard.

Cultured butter, however, is still popular across the continent – and we’re thrilled to be offering it at Fin and Farm.

The secret to making the best, tastiest butter?

By starting with quality, flavorsome, rich cream. Fortunately, this is what we do best in Sussex with our small-scale, artisan producers. And, nobody knows Sussex cream like Knob Butter, the makers of our exquisite cultured butter. Their butter is made from cream from small, family run local dairies that rear cows in a traditional and gentle way. Ethical, sustainable, healthy – you can taste the difference!

Our suggestions for enjoying…

On fresh, crusty bread, with some Perfectly Preserved blood orange and bergamot marmalade or raw Sussex honey, for simple, honest, delicious local flavour…

You can find Sussex cultured butter HERE.

Brighton Butter, Cultured

Cultured butter – what is it and why is it so good?

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