Sussex baby leeks – what to do with them?

You’ve seen our young, sweet-spicy baby turnips. Next on the Spring menu?

Baby leeks!

These tender little leeks, grown over in the charming countryside outside Chichester, have a delicate, sweetly earthy flavour and beautifully soft texture.

Easily mistaken for spring onions, don’t let baby leeks fool you. With their classic-blue green hue and distinct, pleasant leek-y scent, baby leeks are the sweeter sibling to the mature leeks you’ve become accustomed to.

A treat to cook up, these leeks are a delight for your seasonal plate.

But, how, exactly, do you eat them?

Mild enough to eat raw, you can finely slice and add to salads (but use sparingly as they still have a distinct flavour). Due to their texture and size, baby leeks are perfect for blanching, chargrilling and cooking whole. You can also replace for mature leeks in any recipe that you desire a quicker cooking time, sweeter flavour and softer texture.

They pair beautifully with pork (speaking of, did you see our ethical pork farm share for traditionally reared, healthy and humane meat?), organic Saltmarsh lamb, or flavoursome Sussex heritage potatoes. Simply saute in local, golden butter for a minimalist way to fully appreciate this delicate Spring vegetable.

Be sure to rinse them thoroughly, as grit and soil from growing can easily get caught in leek leaves!

You can use in any number of recipes that strike your fancy. We dug up this mouth-watering dish that we think you’ll enjoy…

Roasted baby leeks with thyme, garlic and cheese:

You’ll need:
20 baby Sussex leeks
A generous dab of local butter
A handful of fresh English thyme
1/2 bulb of aromatic garlic
100g buttery Sussex goat’s cheese
Salt and pepper

Slice the leeks length-ways and wash thoroughly. Place in a heavy bottomed baking dish, and scatter with stalks of thyme and bulbs of whole garlic (these will take on a caramel-garlic quality). Gently melt the butter (or use oil) in a pan over a low heat, and brush the leeks generously. Season well with salt and pepper.

Bake for approximately 15 minutes.

Crumble on the cheese and bake for another 10-15 minutes, until the cheese has cooked, and the leeks are a perfect, buttery texture. Cover with foil if necessary for even cooking.

Enjoy on it’s own, or to accompany baked fish or roasted local potatoes…

Go online to try Sussex baby leek today!

Sussex baby leeks – what to do with them?

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