The most delicious meal you’ll eat this Spring…


Oh my! Wild garlic is here – and you’ll probably smell it before you see it.

These local pointed, flat green leaves are grown over at Toos biodynamic farm in the charming, picturesque Sussex countryside near Cuckfield. Pungent and wonderfully heady, this woodland leaf deserves to be enjoyed in the most #EatSussex way possible…

Mellower, sweeter and greener than bulb garlic, you can use wild garlic leaves abundantly for the most intense and mouth-watering Sussex meal yet. We’ve whipped together an #EatSussex wild garlic pesto to pair with heritage waxy, flavoursome and yellow-fleshed Belle de Fontenay potatoes.

For an easy lunch, or fresh, green spring supper, this recipe satisfy your seasonal cravings…

Wild garlic pesto and Belle de Fontenay potatoes

You’ll need:
150g Biodynamic, Sussex Wild Garlic 
50g Sussex Parsley
100g Twineham Grange Sussex Parmesan 
125ml Mesto Olive Oil
100g Pine Nuts
1 Organic, unwaxed lemon 
500g Belle de Fontenay heritage potatoes

To make the pesto, wash the wild garlic and parsley, and place in a food processor. Chop or grate in the Sussex parmesan and add the pine nuts, olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of lemon zest. Blend until well combined, and a heady, creamy, aromatic pesto is formed. Set aside to let the flavours meld.

Wash and boil the Belle de Fontenay potatoes whole (leaving the skin on – there’s so much flavour and goodness!) for approximately 25 minutes, or until tender. Either leave to cool and slice, and combine generously with the pesto to form a tangy, tasty potato salad, or heat a large skillet and gently cook the sliced potatoes and pesto for a flavoursome side.

Serve with Sussex rocket for a spring salad, or pair with some uniquely flavoured Saltmarsh lamb for a hearty Sussex main.

Feeling hungry?

Get your wild garlic and Belle de Fontenay potatoes here. (Although with an incredible array of local, ethical and seasonal produce to play with…)

How do you like to enjoy wild garlic? Let us know in the comments, or tag us on social media (@finandfarm)…

The most delicious meal you’ll eat this Spring…

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