Sussex Edible Winter Flowers


Looking for a food to banish the winter blues, pack an anti-oxidant punch and that will transform every meal into a jaw-dropping work of art?

Don’t let a grey and drizzly February fool you – #eatingSussex can still bring excitement to your plate…


With Sussex-grown edible winter flowers!

Grace your plates with delicate, bright and colourful winter blooms for a novel, healthy and stunning twist to your meals…

What edible winter flowers do we have to offer at Fin and Farm?

Edible pansies and primroses, sold per 10 in a variety of wonderful mixed colours. These beauties are grown by Becky and Trevor at their glasshouses in Sidlesham, Sussex (near Chichester), where they’ve grown vegetables for over forty years.

So what do pansies and primroses taste like?

Well, pansies – with their intense purple, blue and yellow tones – have a slightly sweet and ‘green’ taste. All parts of a pansy can be eaten – nothing is too bitter for the palate. Charming yellow primroses, on the other hand, are more ‘peppery’ in flavour.

Why are they so good?

While a bouquet of flowers can increase happiness and reinforce positive social relations (just from being in proximity to their bloom), eating them is even better!

With their uplifting, bright colours, edible flowers don’t just bring a smile to your face. They’re a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, and are a brimming with phytonutrients to keep you healthy and happy in the grey of winter.

How can you use them?

The practice of cooking with flowers dates back thousands of years. From medicinal uses to beauty and flavour in foods, edible flowers have been cultivated and enjoyed across time and place.

Blooms can be enjoyed in any number of mains, salads, drinks, sweets, cakes – you name it! – to instantly transform your food into a vision of beauty.

(Did you see the amazing late summer flower salad we had over at Fork and Dig It? Our jaws dropped when this was brought out!)

Why not:

  • Use blossoms scattered in place of mature herbs in cooking.
  • Liberally sprinkle flowers over a salad (and then take a pic for your social media…).
  • Freeze blossoms in ice cubes for ultra-gorgeous drinks.
  • Crystalise flowers for the ultimate sweet treat or cook flowers and sugar to make a floral syrup. (There’s a recipe for primrose honey here)
  • Garnish literally anything. Soups, mains, salads, sweets, drinks, baking – flowers are the ultimate cheat for culinary beauty.
  • Use flowers in baking! Snip up blooms into dough (you’ll never see a prettier or more naturally colourful dough. An old boss of mine used to do this when we made scones at a cafe), or why not try this recipe for pansy shortbread.

Don’t forget to wash flowers delicately before use. If flowers need perking up, simply rest face up in cold water for 20 minutes or so before use.

What makes our edible flowers so special?

Fresh, environmentally friendly and locally grown, our flowers aren’t just a are find. They’re good for the planet, your health and your soul!

How do you like to use edible flowers? Have any recipes or pictures you’d like to share? Tag us in social media (@finandfarm).

Sussex Edible Winter Flowers

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