Transform your Xmas desserts 3 ways with Sussex walnut liqueur…

Need to warm up in this cold, cold weather?

Or, simply, dreaming of decadent Xmas desserts as the days creep closer through December?

With a seasonal Sussex take on Xmas treats, you can warm up and indulge your sweet tooth with our walnut liqueur desserts!

Stomach rumbling?

Read on!

1.  Affogato with a walnut liqueur kick.


This Italian classic is perfect for those who want something to cut through the richness of festive food while still indulging in dessert.

A beautiful display of contrasts, affogato is, essentially, espresso and vanilla ice cream.

Want to take this dessert to a whole new level of heaven? Add a shot of walnut liqueur for the ultimate dark, sweet, creamy and aromatic indulgence.

We suggest using Edgcumbes coffee and Caroline’s Dairy ice cream for quality and reassurance than you’re supporting local, ethical food production.

Simply scoop vanilla ice cream into a coffee cup and pour over a shot of espresso and a shot of walnut liqueur.

2. Walnut liqueur laced chocolate torte.


Bringing out this dessert will positively prompt a round of ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Aaahs’ – with good reason.

Dense chocolatey goodness with aromatic walnut liqueur for flavour and contrast to the richness –  the ultimate treat when entertaining.

The recipe:

450g chestnut puree
230g dark chocolate
125g butter
65g sugar
2 tablespoons walnut liqueur
Cream (as desired, to serve)
50g dark chocolate (shaved, to serve)

Preheat the oven to 180c. In a mixing bowl, whisk the egg whites until firm (but not quite meringue texture). Melt the dark chocolate over a bowl of boiling water.

Meanwhile, in a food processor, combine the butter, sugar and chestnut puree. Add in the egg yolks, liqueur and dark chocolate and combine.

Once the chocolate has melted, gradually fold through the whisked egg whites. Pour into a baking tin and cook for approx. 40 minutes in the oven. Allow to cool before enjoying with whipped cream and chocolate shavings (and possibly an extra shot of walnut liqueur)

Enjoy with friends and family around a candle lit table, wearing colourful paper crowns and sharing terrible jokes…

3. Fiery Xmas pudding!


Brandy is all very well – but a splash of walnut liqueur over your Xmas pudding is an easy – and delicious – way to switch it up this Christmas.

Simply pour a good splash over your steamed pud and set fire!

Not only does this liven up the Christmas table – but imbues the pudding with mouth-watering flavour.

Serve with cream, and, possibly, another shot of liqueur…


Inspired? Let us know if you try any of these desserts – or if you have any divine walnut liqueur dessert recipes you’d like to share with us! (@finandfarm)

Get Sussex walnut liqueur HERE.


Image 1: Affogato by jen/Flickr (CC)
Image 2: Dark chocolate torte by kylesteed/Flickr (CC) 
Image 3: Flaming Christmas Pudding by Ruth and Dave/Flickr (CC)

Transform your Xmas desserts 3 ways with Sussex walnut liqueur…

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