The end of #EatSussex?

We did it! 

A whole month of eating strictly Sussex-grown, sourced and produced food – completed.

We weren’t quite sure what we were getting ourselves into when we started #EatSussex August. But with our line of work, we simply knew this was a challenge that we had to try.

And we’re glad we did! August is the perfect month to #EatSussex in. New fruits and vegetables have been coming into season each week: it never felt boring, and after such an abundant summer, we couldn’t feel healthier.

Plus, we’ve picked up a few life lessons along the way, as well as discovered a newfound love and appreciation for eating in harmony with our surroundings. There’s something incredible wholesome and grounding about getting in touch with your natural surroundings. If you can’t physically make your way to the countryside, eating it’s bounty is the next best thing.


Just how much of a challenge was it?

It may have been a delicious month – but it hasn’t always been easy.

The main challenges? Giving up treats, and of course – convenience! There’s been a lot going on this month, and baking your own bread isn’t exactly time friendly…

Meals out with friends (to local restaurants – of course), unexpected guests bringing gifts of food, family visiting and, yes, giving in to the odd treat (living with a teenager means chocolate is usually pretty near by…) all caused #EatSussex ‘hiccups’. But for the most part it was #EatSussex all the way – so we don’t feel too guilty about the odd divergence.

Our favourite #EatSussex discovery?

With a carousel of seasonal produce and hearty meals cooked up from scratch – not to mention unusual kitchen experiments like our cucumber cake – there’s no one favourite.

But, the best thing by far? The local businesses, organisations and individuals on board. It was wonderful to see others share our enthusiasm for local, seasonal produce…


What did we learn?

That we loved it!

It’s truly a pleasure to reconnect with seasonal eating. Whether for flavour, nutrition or for environmental reasons, eating locally grown/produced food feels superior. It’s something we’re eager to continue beyond August – only, not as strict. After a month of a pretty rigid #EatSussex, the idea of loosening the reins and simply eating as seasonally and locally as possible seems… well, delightful.

We’re eager to cook up more #EatSussex meals and continue to explore our local-food loving community. So, let’s see what the autumn and winter months bring as we head out of summer. Stay tuned for more seasonal Sussex insights…


The end of #EatSussex?

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