Mushroom Salt – Your Kitchen Friend


Mushroom salt isn’t a new concept – it’s long since been used in many types of Asian cooking – but here in Sussex, it’s fairly  new to the kitchen cabinet as other flavoured salts have held the floor for a long time.  Anyway, this is not so much a flavoured salt, but a finely ground mushroom powder with salt.

Firstly, the taste!  Our mushroom salts are prepared by Merryhill Mushrooms, who have won awards for the quality and flavour of their mushrooms.  Merryhill are not a new company – they have been advising as consultants for 30 years, but more recently have turned their experience to creating new and innovative mushroom products.  Growing carefully chosen mushroom types on their organic compost, is yielding a rainbow of wonderful mushroom varieties.

Using in the kitchen

But, back to the mushroom salt – this is a good tool to keep in the kitchen.  It transforms roasted veg or roast meats (particularly chicken).  Adding a sprinkle to pasta or to a stew gives a greater depth than you can achieve with mushroom ketchup.

Try it on popcorn for a zippy flavour or homemade chips…or really any potato dish can be lifted.

The Shitake Mushroom salt has an earthy flavour which just melts into root vegetables.  The Traditional Mushroom salt has a lighter touch which is more universal in terms of sprinkling onto any dish.  For a spicy flavour on wedges and roasts, the Mesquite smoked salt gives a piquancy and richness.

Adding a sprinkle of salt to cooked mushrooms gives a fantastic intense flavour that contrasts with eggs for a punchy breakfast dish (we have been sprinkling it on everything so far for our #eatsussex month to create some new flavour notes to work with on the breakfast front).


Lower in sodium

Mushroom salt is also highly useful as it’s lower in sodium than regular salt.  A bonus if you’re trying to reduce sodium intake.

Adding mushroom salt adds richness to a dish so you need fewer ingredients to add depth of flavour – ie less fat and certainly no additional salt.

Using smoked salt like Mesquite has a stronger aroma which works even better with dishes that need something more robust.

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Mushroom Salt – Your Kitchen Friend

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