Learn to love the humble marrow

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This is probably the most British of vegetables and the most reviled (apart from swedes)??  Probably because most people’s childhood experience of marrow was mushy, bland and watery, which is why modern parents have never served this to their kids and whole generations have grown up with urban legends of slop sliding around their plate.

Not appetising, eh?!  But like most veg that was popular post-war, cooking vegetables often involved boiling or frying and little else.  So, we’re not sure why  marrow has never lived this down, as there are lots of good reasons to love it….it’s versatile, it grows easily, it’s cheap to buy and it can be used in a whole load of different recipes.  So, we are hoping to change your mind about this gorgeously useful veg….

Storing Marrow

It’s not a keeper, for a start.  Unlike other similar fruit (melon and courgette, if you’re interested), the high water content will soon make the flesh mushy, so use within 3 days.

Make sure the skin is dry and fridge the marrow as quickly as possible.

How to use

Firstly, the flesh will absorb flavour so makes a great base for dishes like this comforting Marrow and Tomato Masala. from Vertical Veg –  I love this blog site as it has lots of practical advice for small space growing and also some brilliant recipes like this other tomato and marrow combination smothered in rosemary and cheese, in the form of Syke’s Marrow (or Psyche’s Marrow, as it was back in the day).

Alternatively, add a little chilli spice in a warming and healthy dish like this Marrow and Beans in a Smoky Sauce and heat this as much as you feel like.

Marrow and Beans in a Smoky Sauce with Quinoa

Stuffed marrow isn’t big news, but there are more exciting ways to do this without resorting to a 1970’s sitcom dinner.  Something like marrow stuffed with lamb, pinenuts and tahini is rich but also fairly light for summer – and using the local saltmarsh lamb gives an even sweeter flavour.

Marrow with Lamb, Pinenuts and Tahini

If you are still not a fan, then you can always use marrow to lighten up a cake such as this beautiful marrow, almond and lemon cake.  Marrow is a natural partner to light, acid flavour like citrus and tomato so there are lots of natural pairings.


And of course, you can chop and use marrow in any recipe which asks for courgettes so fabulous ratatouilles and stews.  A friend of mine, Sue, also grates into minced beef to lighten meat dishes like bolognaise for summer evenings.


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Learn to love the humble marrow

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