Sussex St George’s Day – Celebrate with a Greek Roast


Happy St George’s Day

Today is St George’s Day (23rd April).  Over the years, the flag has been sadly tarnished with racist symbolism.  But, subdued celebrations are actually not new – since the Reformation, the English apparently became slightly fed up with Saint’s Days (big mistake – we now have fewer bank holidays than pretty much all other European countries).

Who was St George?

St George was a busy guy.  He is the patron saint of soldiers, cavalry, farmers, field workers, boy scouts, saddlers, archers and many countries and cities world wide. He displaced the less exciting original Patron Saint, St Edmund, who didn’t slay dragons (shame, we could have drunk mead for breakfast).

St George was said to have been born in Capadoccia, Turkey of Greek parents and was a Roman soldier, eventually being executed for his faith in either Palestine or Syria (depending which account you read).  He became the English patron saint after apparently appearing in battle to the troops at Agincourt in 1415, where they had a stunning victory against the French – and further immortalised in Shakespeare’s play, Henry V – so we have him really to thank for the enduring patriotic saint.

His name means ‘earth-worker’ – ie farmer, and the date of 23rd April is symbolic of the time of year when crops are starting to grow….and given his widespread appeal, we think the traditional roast could reflect some of the wider cultural references.


There are so many recipes for roast lamb floating arount, but the Greeks pretty much have the recipe to perfection.  Crunchy skinned, tender fleshed lamb on sticky roast potatoes.  This recipe is pretty straightforward.

If you’re not planning a roast, then this recipe for slow cooked lamb with aubergines and tomatoes is also a wonderful recipe if you’re also looking to cater for vegetarians, as you won’t be caught up making extra tomato sauces alongside the gravy.

Vegetarian roasts can also be stunningly rich with a simple variation of ingredients in this Aubergine, Tomato and Feta Baklava.

Less heavy than traditional roasts and a wonderful time to make the most of our fantastic tomatoes.

Our Sussex Saltmarsh Lamb

If you are cooking a roast, then the quality of the lamb is the most important element.  We will only sell our high welfare, organic Saltmarsh Lamb from Pevensey.

Saltmarsh Lamb roam freely on land which is regularly covered by the sea and hosts salt tolerant plants such as samphire, purslane and mineral rich grasses.  The lambs are leaner and the flesh a little darker and denser than regular lamb – a little gamier.

Read more about our Pevensey lamb here.

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Sussex St George’s Day – Celebrate with a Greek Roast

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