Why Local Mineral Water is a Good Thing


What is the difference between Natural Mineral Water and Spring Water?

 Natural Mineral Water – must come from an identified and protected source. It is guaranteed to be consistent in composition and naturally wholesome without any treatment – except in some cases the addition of carbon dioxide to make the water sparkle. Natural Mineral Water status is only granted to waters that are demonstrated to be free from pollution and have a characteristic stable composition.

Spring water – there are certain treatments permitted, so this is not necessarily as pure.

So, natural mineral water must be free from pollution and this means ‘Few other industries, except perhaps organic farming,’ Jo Jacobius of the BBWP insists, ‘play such a major role in protecting the countryside, doing much to minimise environmental damage.’ (as printed in an article in The Guardian, by Lucy Siegle).  Overall, if the land is to be free from pollution, then the land around commercially appointed springs in the UK are ‘some of the best managed environments in the country’ (British Bottled Water Producers).

Keeping it local


But it’s not all good news – the water that has been brought from overseas will carry a huge carbon footprint.  Some luxury brands will have travelled thousands of miles to be brought to the table and nearly a quarter of the bottled water we drink in the UK comes from abroad.

There are so many compelling reasons to buy locally – not just because the quality of the water is much better if not stored in bottles for a long time, but also the carbon footprint is reduced.

It also helps keep the local economy buoyant and of course, in this Brexit transitional no-mans land, there is the stable cost without factoring in the Euro exchange rate as you’re buying a UK – local, even better – product.  The bottles, by the way, are also made in the UK so cost is as stable as any manufactured product can be.


Health Benefits

So why do we drink mineral water and not just tap water?  Our tap water is perfectly clean, but particularly in the South Downs, our water tends to be very hard and the taste can be tainted by the chlorination processes in filtering the water.

South Downs Natural Mineral Water is drawn from over 400ft underground, enriched with minerals deep from within the Sussex Downs it is untouched at source. South Downs Water is naturally filtered through deep chalk layers and the water has a delicious fresh taste. It is naturally high in calcium and low in sodium.

The only addition to the water – well, the sparkling, is a slight burst of carbonisation to give a gentle effervescence.

The well at South Downs water is right in the South Downs National Park, near Chichester.  So, although it is bottled – the bottling plant is very small and water is not left for a long time on shelves.  So like any other product – is supplied as fresh as possible.

The Technical Data

When South Downs Water started drawing their water commercially, the technical analysis showed that the mineral water is low in sodium and has a pH value of 7.5.

So because it is drawn through layers and layers of chalk, then the result is a water that is high in calcium and low in sodium with a balanced flavour.



We stock South Downs Mineral Water in our online shop.

Come and visit us at www.finandfarm.co.uk


Why Local Mineral Water is a Good Thing

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