Sussex Apples – How to choose?


Sussex is famous for apples (hence the vast range of fabulous cider brewed here) – but choosing is a more difficult matter, as we are not short of  varieties – all with their unique qualities and suited to different culinary uses.

With 11 new season varieties to choose from that are available now the mid-season fruit is picked – what would you prefer to use for your cheeseboard – as opposed to a quick snack – or to bake with?

Here is a quick checklist below to how to choose your perfect apple from the new season Sussex fruit:



The perfect cooking apple with a tangy, tart flavour and moist fluffy texture when cooked.



The classic Sussex apple.  Crisp and juicy with a russet skin and creamy white flesh.

Not for cooking.  Young apples are crisp and great for cheeseboards. As they mature, they are softer and delicious for snacking and tarts.


Charles Ross

A largeish apple related to Cox.  Sweet and good for a cheeseboard.

Again, crisp when young but more fleshy when mature.



Perfect for snacking and juicing. A really juicy apple with a bright red tinting on a bright lime green flesh.

Digital StillCamera

Ellison’s Orange

Sweet and fairly large with a hint of aniseed flavour.  Very juicy and the texture is more like that of a pear than an apple – so great for juicing.


Kidd’s Orange

A bright, sweet honey-scented apple – very juicy. Great for juicing and chopping into cereal for breakfast- or cheeseboards.


Lord Lambourne

A delicious sweet russeted apple.  Bright skin and deliciously rich taste – wonderful in salads and juices.


Red Devil

A bright red apple with red tinted flesh. Sweet and juicy so good for juices, snacking (if you like a more tart apple), salads and cheese board.  Beautiful pink juice.



A classic Sussex apple.  Very crisp flesh russeted and a distinctive honey flavour. Perfect for juicing and cheeseboards.

A marmite of an apple for snacking as some people are put off by the fibrous skin.



A perfect snacking apple. Crisp bright red skin and sweet flavour. Lovely on a cheese board with grapes or equally in a snackbox. Better when younger as not a great keeper.

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Sussex Apples – How to choose?

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