Recipe for Laura’s Beans


There is no picture which does justice to braised green beans and tomatoes!  This is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes which we have every Summer when the beans are plentiful and tender.

Some years ago, we lived in Turkey and met some wonderful people including the amazing Laura – who lives with her family on a leafy hillside surrounded by vineyards and grows and creates amazing food….

This is one of her staples from our raid on her recipe lists , which in Turkish is called Taze Fasulye – but we call Laura’s Beans and has become probably our all-time favourite supper dish – with rice (sauteed Turkish style in olive oil and then cooked, so it’s rich and slightly sticky to soak up the delicious sauce).

The beauty of this dish is that you can add to it to make it a meat or veggie supper which is very filling – either by sauteeing minced beef or lamb at the beginning with the onions – or adding chick peas at the end.

It’s a totally simple recipe as it pretty much looks after itself…which is an even more reason to cook it, as you can chuck it in a pan and just take a peek every so often.

Laura’s Beans

Feeds 4-6

1kg Green Beans of any variety.  Left whole or in manageable lengths

1kg fresh tomatoes of any variety, quartered

2 large onions, quartered

5 cloves of garlic, crushed

Small pinch chilli

80ml Extra Virgin olive oil

Good squeeze tomato puree

Drizzle pomegranate molasses (optional but delicious)


Optional 300g minced meat

Optional 400g tin of chickpeas


If you are using meat, then add a little olive oil to the a large heavy wide pan and sautee the meat with the onions. Once the meat is browned, then add all the rest of the ingredients.

If not using meat, then just add all the ingredients to the pan and mix together.

Cover the pan and gently simmer for around 40-50 mins, moving the beans around occasionally to stop the contents sticking.  If you have time, this is also sensational cooked slowly in the oven.

If you are using chickpeas, then once the beans are tender, add the chickpeas and continue cooking.

Season and serve with rice.

Note:  It sounds like alot of olive oil in this recipe, but honestly, a good olive oil makes all the difference and is part of the flavour of the dish. Turkish people serve this in quite small portions as a lunch dish, which is quite sufficient as it is quite rich.

We sometimes use more olive oil, depending on how lavish we are feeling…and often double up on the garlic…as everyone who knows us, knows how much we love that delightful little superfood!


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Recipe for Laura’s Beans

Happy Launching!

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Our new venture is coming along!

8th September

After two years of discovering, tasting (lots) and setting up, we are a hair’s breadth away from launching our new hampers.

For years we have been selling and sourcing fresh Sussex farm produce, but along the way, we’ve found some fabulous stuff out there.  Tucked away in all kinds of interesting places, we have silversmiths, brewers, leathermakers, jewellers and artists.  Fin and Farm is devoted to fresh Sussex produce so we have been trying to work out a way of incorporating handmade, beautiful things.

Setting up hampers is definitely harder than we thought it would be!  We love wicker hampers, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of darjeeling, so first off has been to find a perfect wooden box that can be kept and used…as well as gorgeous, tactile wicker, of course.

Anyway, boxes are generally Useful Things to have….At home, we have a ‘memory box’ with things added from family life over the years…photos, school reports and things collected on walks and holidays.  In the kitchen, we use wooden boxes for storing extra kitchen stuff like icing nozzles, biscuit cutters and party bits…and boxes for recipes and widgety things.  Now we come to think of it, we do have rather a lot of stackable storage!  Photo boxes and random cd’s all get swept into crate format, as we do love hiding away our family chaos!

So, inevitably, we got quite excited about boxes and hampers, given that they are unlikely to be crushed and sent to landfill…and we are not encouraging more waste.


This is our first attempt at producing a great box….now sorting, leather straps, stamping and sealing so all can be 100% safe and secure.  All our family members are perfectly happy to act as delivery guinea pigs so we can test how well they travel.

The fun bit this year – and the hardest – has been whittling down our list of what to bring you on day 1.  After months of hard thinking, looking at what things we would like for ourselves, our own families or our customers and suppliers – and what you will like – and discussing and cogitating over big glasses of Sussex wine (for reference only…) we’ve selected what we believe you will love.

sarah ketelaars-201

The wicker hampers will be stuffed full of mouthwatering Sussex-made sweets and gifts.  Award winning wines, orange blossom and earl grey turkish delight, gin truffles and chocolates with rum-soaked raisins (3 weeks soaked) boozy chocolates…the list goes on and on (!) so we will tell you more about everything shortly…

Anyway, we are nearly there just now and are looking forward to our launch party on 8th September – and there is no way this would go live without the amazing input of our designer Sarah Ferrari, who has painstakingly interpreted what we want for our site (and that we can’t wait to go live) – and the wonderful photography of Sarah Ketelaars.

So finally, we are just putting the finishing touches to everything (ie last minute fretting about nips and tucks) and this week managed to finally clink a glass to celebrate that we have got this far…


Happy Hampering! 

We will tell you more soon…

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Happy Launching!