Brighton Bier – Exciting Local Brew in a Can


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The boys from Brighton Bier are making their firm stamp on local brewing – having extended their production from a 4-bbl kit gypsy brewing to their (literally) shiny new premises in Kemp Town where they are producing 7,500 litres of beer per week.  There is a thirst for local brews in the city and their aim is to produce a unique beer with a distinctive personality without losing sight of the roots of British ale.

Brighton Bier has a fresh taste experience – we found it a little similar to Weiss beer (the aromatic beers from the Netherlands) but with a hoppy aftertaste.  The beer is rough filtered rather than bottle conditioned so it pours to a bright, clear finish.  This style of brewing is confirmed as vegan by The Vegan Society.

Their beer has won a Gold Medal at the International Beer Challenge Awards 2015; a competition that saw over 630 beers from more than 30 countries enter.

The Brighton Bier boys have chosen to sell their beer in 330ml cans rather than bottles.  This makes a beer that’s light on carbon footprint – although all our beers are brewed locally, so the footprints are all pretty small anyway.  But also lighter in weight so more portable….ie picnics, parties… plus they’re stackable so you can pile them up!

If you’re not sure about canned beer versus bottled beer, then you just cast an eye over the shockwaves in the American beer industry where the industry has been turned on its head as cans are becoming as popular as bottles among craft beer appreciators.

We’d also like to dispel that old hangover that canned beer has a tinny taste.  New beer cans have a thin, water-based lining which protects the beer from any metal taste filtering through. The misplaced reputation is based on the bad old days and probably because beers were always drunk from the can and not poured.

Craft beer drinkers always pour their beer to enjoy the subtle aromas and rich layers of flavour.  As cans are more efficient at protecting beer from oxygen than can taint the flavour, the can theory is that the fresher flavours are preserved for longer.

So bottle or can, it seems that opinion has its feet planted in both camps – so just pour and enjoy.


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Brighton Bier – Exciting Local Brew in a Can

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