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So many different tomato varieties

This has to be our favourite harvest – when the Nutbourne tomatoes come through and tomatoes are the precursor to all the gorgeous Spring veg.

The Nutbourne tomatoes are really special and we think they are possibly the best tomatoes in Britain… They taste so very, very good and are also grown pesticide free, preferring biological pest control.  Bees are used to pollinate the tomatoes and blight is avoided by the mammoth winter task of completely stripping and scrubbing out the glasshouses every winter to ensure no mould builds up in the cold months.  This means the crops are generally consistently fabulous quality through careful management rather than resorting to chemical treatments.

Gary and Jenny have been growing tomatoes at Nutbourne since 1978.  Every year they introduce some new varieties and usually grow around 30 different tomatoes – diversely different in taste, size, colour and acidity.

Gary picking tomatoes

This year’s tomatoes

Baby Tomatoes

  • Piccolo Super Sweet Small Cherry VineOne of our bestsellers. Very sweet and delicious in any way you use. a tiny cherry tomato.
  • Golden Piccolo Cherry Vine **NEW**A small golden baby tomato. More perfumed than the red but thinner skinned.  Slice with the red for an incredible mixed salad.
  • Sunstream Baby Plum Vine a small lozenge plum tomato. Subtle flavoured but very sweet.
  • Coeur de Pigeon Baby Plum VineAnother bestseller as this is small, sweet and perfect for snacking and salads.  Delicious for bruschetta.

Cherry and Smaller Tomatoes

  • Mini San Manzano Vine A sweet cherry tomato with a lozenge shape and intense flavour.
  • Cherry VineAnother small sweet tomato – a little bigger than the Piccolo but still small and juicy.
  • Orange Cherry VineBigger than a baby tomato. A pretty golden orange cherry tomato which looks delightful in a salad.
  • Campari Cocktail Vine Another bestseller. A small cherry tomato with an intensely sweet flavour and delicious juiciness.
  • Golden Sun Cocktail Vinea sweet and delicate cherry tomato. Perfect sliced with red tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil to contrast perfume and texture.
  • Silky Pink Cocktail Vine **NEW**A new delicately flavoured, thin skinned juicy tomato. Perfect for snacking or adding to other coloured tomatoes for variety.
  • Tiger Cocktail VineA slightly spicier flavour than regular tomatoes with a firmer skin. These are amazing roasted or sauteed with butter.


Plum Tomatoes – Large and Midi

  • Large Plum VineThe classic plum tomato. Sweet flavour and juice flesh. Perfect for Salads or cooking.
  • Midi Pumpkin Plum Vine **NEW**Super sweet midi plum tomato. Bigger than a cherry tomato. Stands up on its own so good for mini-stuffed tomatoes.
  • Midi Orange Plum Vinebigger than a cherry but smaller than a regular tomato. A more delicate skin, flesh and perfume.
  • Midi San Manzano Vine Super sweet lozenge shaped tomato. A classic Italian flavour.
  • Large San Manzano VineA larger sweet plum tomato but usually slightly smaller than the classic plum.  Another Italian classic with a firm skin.


Beef Tomatoes

  • MarmandeMedium to large beef tomato weighing each poss 160-180g. Soft skinned and very sweet with a good acidity.  Grows with ribs and an irregular ‘cushion’ shape.  Great for salads and cooking as it’s not particularly ‘seedy’. Has been described as the ‘taste of Provence’.
  • Cocoa Small BeefA firmier skin and stronger acidity than regular red tomatoes.  This is a small beef variety and is great for roasting.
  • Mediterranean BeefA green tomato with pink flesh. A fine acidity and relatively sweet.
  • Coeur de BoeufA ribbed, firm beef tomato. One of the original varieties of beefsteak tomatoes to become popular in Britain for its classic sweet flavour.
  • Midi Coeur de Boeuf VineA smaller Coeur de Boeuf. Firm and aromatic and slightly sweeter than the larger variety.
  • Red Tiger VineBoth tart and sweet. With a firm skin and juicy flesh this is a small beef tomato.
  • Lemon Tiger VineAnother small beef tomato. Firm skinned and tangy. Great roasted.
  • Cocoa Tiger Vine **NEW** – A small beef tomato – firm skinned with juicy. Another fabulous tomato pan fried or roasted.


Classic Round Vine Tomatoes

  • Classic Vine classic red skin and firm flesh – lovely for salads and sandwiches.
  • Orange Classic VineSofter skin and juicier than the red. Great for salads.
  • Pink Classic VineSofter skin than a red and slightly more acidic. Perfect for cheeses.
  • Golden Classic Vine **NEW**  – Firm skin and sweet flavour.
  • Cocoa Classic Vine – Earthier flavour than red tomatoes and firmer skin. Delicious pan fried or roasted.


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Nutbourne Tomatoes – Sussex Jewels

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