Sussex Organic Leeks – make the most


Leeks when they are freshly picked have a sweetness that they lose after they’ve been sitting in a supermarket chiller.  The biodynamic leeks that Toos grows in Cuckfield are so tender and have a real potency of flavour that lifts any dish they’re added to.

But, they won’t be around for too much longer as we are heading towards Spring hopefully…and if not, then sharp frosts and snow (whichever you pick is most likely!)

We are not Welsh (but any excluse for a celebratory meal in our hosue), so in the spirit of St David’s Day on 1st March, we have been squirrelling  away interesting ways of using leeks.  You can do amazing things with veg and there are so many things that makes leeks shine apart from sauteeing in butter – and we are so guilty of that ourselves!


Spiced Marinated Lamb Rump with Leek Puree and Pickled Tomato


So, here are 10 of the ones that will definitely make our supper list….

  1. Leek and Blue Vinney Tart from River Cottage – Although we want to keep it local with the delicious Brighton Blue.
  2. Creamed Leeks with Chestnut and Thyme Crumble by Lee Bennett, from Crafthouse Restaurant.  Now this is a veggie dish we would love to see on any Sunday lunch menu.  This is from a Guardian post which has a ton of other leek recipes!
  3. Zeytinyagli Pirasa – Translates from Turkish as ‘Leeks with Olive oil’.  Since we have the amazing Mesto olive oil from Vassilis and Cate in Brighton, you can keep this one as Sussex as you wish.  Don’t underestimate how perfect this dish is with just a bit of crusty sourdough and Southdowns butter.  ps instead of lemon juice, we like to drop in a chopped preserved lemon – the bitter saltiness adds another dimension – a useful kitchen ingredient.
  4. Amchur and Fenugreek Lamb with Pureed Leeks and Pickled Tomato. Lots of ingredients almost worthy of an Ottolenghi recipe but they are mostly for the marinade and is a fresh and zesty approach to using lamb and leeks…and we have most the spices from The Spice Company over in Battle….including Amchur!  A good prepare ahead dish as well.
  5. Grilled Leek with Aubergine and Mushrooms – more complicated than the name sounds but a wickedly good vegetarian dish for a special occasion if you have a good level of concentration and don’t go off track on recipes.  This is one for Nick to make!
  6. Jalapeno and Leek Guacamole from Eat, Drink Paleo. The acid from the lime softly infuses and softens so good to make in advance.
  7. Homemade Vegetable Stock – keep a few litres in the fridge. To freeze, put a freezer bag in small tupperware dishes as a mould.  Freeze and leave in the bags to take up less room.
  8. Chicken, Leek, Bacon and Mustard Bake – the ultimate comfort food.  Pair with creamy mash or even better, a buttery, salty, jacket potato.
  9. Mash and Leeks – another take on Colcannon and the perfect marriage of food.  Just don’t leave out the flat parsley as it really does enhance the citrus element of the leeks.  Muir could just load up her plate with this and be happy.
  10. Whole Roasted Salmon with Grapefruit and Leeks – Another happy citrus/leek combo – but give there are only 2 fish eaters in our family, we would braise the veg side separately and serve with wild salmon fillets.

Whole Roasted Salmon with Grapefuit and Leeks


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Sussex Organic Leeks – make the most

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