Guide to Fin and Farm Pumpkins and Squashes


You know that the squash family varies so much in texture and flavour so here’s a handy checklist of the Sussex squashes we have for you this winter…

NB: All our squashes are sold by the kilo as they vary so much in size (no supermarket homogenisation here!)

Where they are grown

All the Biodynamic squashes are grown by Toos at her farm in Cuckfield and are ideally suited to the soil type she’s nurtured for the last 35 years.  Our organic squash are from Fletching Glasshouses, who grow in soil and maintain their greenhouses ethically by harnessing the natural warmth of light and using water from their own reservoir.  Our amazing farm on the Downs round the back of Worthing at Roundstone also grows conventionally fabulous stretches of beautiful outdoor pumpkins and squash.


BUTTERNUT SQUASH Size ranging from small to very large. Beautiful creamy skin and bright flesh – fabulous for roasting.  These are quite dense so could be easily used for desserts as a competent all rounder.  Biodynamic / Organic.

GEM SQUASH Like a bulbous dense courgette. Good for stews and ratatouilles.  Biodynamic / Organic.

GREEN HOKKAIDO SQUASH Small melon size. Green skin and dense orange flesh – wonderful for roasting individually, or using in desserts. Sweet and smooth.  Can eat the roasted skin if cooked long enough.  Biodynamic / Organic.

RED KURI SQUASH Small melon size. Bright reddish orange skin and flesh wonderful for roasting individually, or using in desserts. Sweet and smooth.  Can eat the roasted skin if cooked long enough.  Biodynamic / Organic.

SPAGHETTI  SQUASH Rugby ball size. Yellow tough skin and pretty creamy yellow flesh. When cooked properly, the flesh is similar to spaghetti and can be wound and served with a sauce as a fabulous vegetable substitute to pasta (see this link to our blog post ‘How to Cook Spaghetti Squash’).  Biodynamic / Organic.

BLUE CROWN PRINCE  SQUASH From rugby ball size to huge. Soft dove grey/blue skin and bright orange flesh. Fairly dense and sweet so a good all rounder and great for desserts.  Skin fairly tough so not really suitable for eating..  Biodynamic / Organic and also Conventional from Worthing.

FESTIVAL SQUASH Small individual size. With yellow/green dappled flesh and creamy gold flesh.  Good for roasting but the skin is just a little tough to eat.  Grown in Worthing.

ORANGE PUMPKIN Traditional Halloween pumpkin ranging from small to vast. Beautiful orange skin and flesh and good for all kinds of recipes.  The larger they are, the less dense, so bigger pumpkins are better for large scale soup making.  Grown in Worthing.

PATTY PAN SQUASH Flying saucer shaped squash ranging from small to huge.  A light yellow skin and pale creamy lime flesh.  More like a summer squash and an excellent seasonal substitute to courgette.  Holds shape fairly well when cooked as a courgette.  Organic.


Don’t read this link if you are at all hungry – it’s a newsfeed site to various foodie blogs which are all based on pumpkin and squash desserts…and we’ve picture the Chocolate Pumpkin Cake by Wildeorchard here – just for the photograph as much as anything, as its eye-wateringly beautiful.



Guide to Fin and Farm Pumpkins and Squashes

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