Delicious Handmade Rustic Finger Biscuits by Grainwave in Worthing


Walking into Carol’s kitchen at Grainwave, is a heavenly experience!  Tantalising smells of floury baking in her inviting kitchen – the loveliest perfume ever…

This week, the purpose of our trip to sunny Worthing was biscuit related.  After a few weeks of sending boxes of biscuits back and forth in the post to see how they hold up (nicely, thank you) – these are now ready to order.

There are two types of rustic biscuits – both perfect finger shaped for serving with cheese or even perfect for dipping into hummus and sauces…or for small fingers to crunch on a healthy, wholegrain, additive-free handmade biscuit.

Veggie Parmesan and Walnut

An absolutely delicious and nutty biscuit made using Twineham Grange Vegetarian  Parmesan and Shipton Mill flour.  Perfect with a creamy soft mild cheese maybe Lynchetts Soft (Plumpton Down’s Brie-style cheese) or High Weald’s Organic Sussex Slipcote with Basil – and we also gave it a test run with a chilli dip, moroccan hummus and pesto (separately, of course, and all delicious).  In our daughter’s opinion – a thick coating of butter and marmite is the only spread worth having.

Salted Cracked Rye

A bit of piquancy to these with the salty aftertaste, 100% rye flour, cracked black pepper and crunchy cracked rye grains.  This is definitely a biscuit that calls for a sharp and warming cheese – blue or mature hard cheese worked well, but also our milder goat and ewe’s milk cheeses had enough tang to bring out the rich and fruity flavour of the rye.  We tested Goodwood Estate’s Organic Molecomb Blue and one of our all-time favourites, a good ripe Burwash Rose from The Traditional Cheese Dairy…an Epoisse style cheese.

How they are packed

All biscuits are available in pretty waxed bags as either individual bags of 8 biscuits or as multi-packs for retail, if you are shop – or in larger quantities as boxes of 32, 80 or 100…if you are a great cheese-eater or want to serve them in your restaurant.

All the info about sizes are all either on our website or our weekly Commercial list (if you’re signed up to either).  If you’re not, and you’d like to receive the weekly info, then feel free to to do so here

If you are posting them or making up a foodie box as a gift, Carol can add ribbon when packing for an extra special touch.  We can also pack in boxes for posting (and as we’ve trialled sending around Sussex in various ways, then these boxes are sturdy enough with some extra wrapping on the outside to protect from wintery weather.


Carol is a masterly cook with gluten free products as well and often caters on a larger scale for all kinds of special diets and requirements.

So, if you need gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan cakes or biscuits – or birthday cakes, scones or anything else that is baked – then just shout and we can ask her.  If you live or eat in Worthing or in that general Sussex vicinity, then you will surely have come across her gluten free cakes in lots of the cafes – and I can vouch they are absolutely delicious having tested quite a few….


Delicious Handmade Rustic Finger Biscuits by Grainwave in Worthing

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