Sussex Handmade Sweets


Handmade Turkish Delight by Merle – which you can read about here, if you missed our blog post last week.

On our website in single quantities here – but you can also buy in commercial quantities..either as a single box to serve in a restaurant or multi packs to sell as retail.


Motherfudger’s handmade luxury fudge – available as dairy or vegan.

Again – fine to order from our website if you just want to treat yourself to a pack – or we can do retail packs and large quantities for serving in restaurants/cafes.

Anne takes the process of making her delicious fudge very seriously indeed. Aiming to be the best, she uses almost 50% fresh local dairy ingredients (or nut milks for Vegan Fudge), adds Fairtrade sugar, infuses with natural flavourings, and then crafts with love and care.

Launched in Brighton in late 2013, MotherFudgers’ fudge is homemade and handmade. Not for us the American-style ‘easy fudge’ with ‘marshmallow fluff’, corn syrup and ‘chocolate chips’, made in the microwave with the taste and texture of over-thick icing. Nor the tasteless supermarket stuff, packed with preservatives to extend the shelf-life.


Sussex Handmade Sweets

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